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Same-Day Dermatology

We understand that sometimes you need to see a doctor right away. University of Utah Health's Same-Day Dermatology clinic offers same-day appointments for patients who have skin problems that require immediate attention. You can get an appointment the same day you call.

Some types of skin problems are urgent. For the following conditions, you may want to see a dermatologist as soon as possible:

  • rashes,
  • oral or genital sores,
  • blisters or skin pain, or
  • possible allergic reactions.

Allergic Skin Diseases & Asthma

When your body has an allergic reaction, the reaction can cause both skin allergies and asthma. University of Utah Health's allergic skin diseases and asthma clinic offers allergy testing so you can find out what's causing your allergic reactions.

Dermatology Clinical Trials

The Department of Dermatology is currently conducting patient focused clinical trials in multiple dermatology-related diseases.