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Skincast: A Podcast About Caring for Your Skin

Dermatologists Luke Johnson, MD, and Michelle Tarbox, MD, offer skin health advice, break down common skincare myths, and share their board-certified expertise in each episode of Skincast. Topics cover everything from newborn acne to hair loss — and everything in between!

Tune in below for skin health tips, tricks, and so much more.

Newest Episodes

Ep. 31: Smart Skincare Shopping with Dr. Fayne Frey

In today's episode, Skincast hosts Luke Johnson, MD and Michelle Tarbox, MD are joined by Dr. Fayne Frey, a board-certified dermatologist and author of the book The Skincare Hoax: How You're Being Tricked Into Buying Lotions, Potions & Wrinkle Cream. Dr. Frey shares with us her expert insights into over-the-counter cosmetic skincare products and offers advice on how to be a smart consumer of them.

Ep. 30: Topical Steroids 101

Skincast hosts Dr. Johnson and Dr. Tarbox dispel the myths and mysteries that surround topical steroids and explain how these mighty medications can sooth your skin condition with minimal side effects. 

Ep. 29: Summertime Skin Woes

Our skin works hard for us all summer — protecting us from the heat, poisonous plants and venomous bugs, but sometimes those get the best of us. In today's episode, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Tarbox discuss a few of the major summertime challenges that can affect our skin's health and what solutions work best for combatting them. (Hint: That store-bought aloe vera in your medicine cabinet probably isn't doing you many favors!)

Ep. 28: An Introduction to Psoriasis

With Psoriasis Awareness Month just a few short weeks away, Skincast hosts Luke Johnson, MD and Michelle Tarbox, MD break down the basics of this skin condition as well as their recommendations for managing it through phototherapy, lifestyle changes, and more.

Ep. 27: Molluscum Mayhem

While generally harmless, Molluscum is a very common skin condition amongst children ages 2-10. So common that you may know them by their nickname "Water Warts" instead! In today's episode, Skincast hosts Luke Johnson, MD and Michelle Tarbox, MD explain what causes these wart-like bumps, why they're so common, and options for treatment for when you just can't stand them any longer.

Ep. 26: Warts and All

From the common wart to high-risk types, preventative vaccines to over-the-counter treatment options, Skincast hosts Luke Johnson, MD and Michelle Tarbox, MD share a comprehensive rundown of all things warts in this week's episode.

Ep 25: Poison Ivy & Other Nemeses

Whether you're more acquainted with the pesty plant or Batman's wiley nemesis, you probably know to stay away from anything by the name of Poison Ivy. In today's Skincast episode, hosts Luke Johnson, MD and Michelle Tarbox, MD explain why our skin reacts to poison ivy and poison oak, how to treat the rashes they cause, and what other types of plants you'll want to steer clear of (*cough* Giant Hogweed *cough*).

Luke Johnson, MD

Host of Skincast

Luke Johnson, MD, is a dermatologist with special training in pediatric dermatology, though he sees both adult and pediatric patients. He believes that his role as a doctor is to advise patients (and parents) on what he thinks would be the best course of action, and the final decision should be made jointly by both physician and patient (or parent).