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The Dialysis Program at University of Utah Health has a team of professionals ready to offer support to our patients and their family members while they adjust to receiving dialysis. Our doctors, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and technicians are committed to providing the best care and meeting the needs of each of our patients.

Since 1967 we’ve assisted thousands of patients on dialysis and their families live as normal life as possible.

A long standing and close association with the University of Utah Health's Transplant Program ensures that each of our patients are considered for kidney and/or pancreas transplant and evaluated as appropriate.

Dialysis Locations

Our program offers 18 dialysis facilities located throughout Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. University faculty and local nephrologists serve as medical directors for each of our facilities.

Many of our dialysis locations also offer nephrology clinics that specialize in treating:

  • a variety of kidney diseases,
  • hypertension, and
  • diabetes.

Dialysis Education Classes

Most of our dialysis facilities also regularly hold CKD and dialysis options education classes for patients and families.

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