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Childhood Hearing Center


If your child has hearing loss, we understand the strain that hearing loss can put on both you and your child.

Our goal is to be a resource for families wanting to know more about their child’s condition and provide the best—and most current—treatment.

We have evaluated over 700 children for hearing loss. To diagnose and treat hearing loss in children, we perform early CMV screenings followed by genetic or imaging screenings based on your child’s symptoms. This approach has been supported by a recent international consensus group of pediatric hearing loss specialists.


Get Your Baby Tested For Hearing Loss

If you’re worried your baby may have hearing loss, or if your baby has been recently diagnosed with hearing loss, we recommend diagnostic hearing testing and treatment based on guidelines from the Joint Committee of Infant Hearing.

If you’re worried your baby may have hearing loss, getting early treatment for your baby will help improve her speech and language development when she’s older.

1-3-6 Milestones for Hearing Loss

To make sure your baby gets the treatment she needs, we recommend the 1-3-6 milestones:

  1. All babies should get a hearing screening that uses a physiologic measure by the time they’re 1 month old.
  2. If your baby doesn’t pass her first hearing screening, and if she also doesn’t pass her second hearing screening after that, then you should take your baby to an audiologist when your baby is 3 months old. Doctors can give your baby audiological (hearing) and medical evaluations to see if she has hearing loss.
  3. If a doctor tells you that your baby has permanent hearing loss, get early treatment as soon as possible after your baby is diagnosed. But be sure to get treatment for your baby at no later than 6 months old.

Unfortunately, many parents don’t discover their child has hearing loss until they’re older. Your child may not get diagnosed until:

  • she has a hearing test at school,
  • she has delayed speech, or
  • if she becomes less responsive to sounds or language.

It’s very important that you get early detection and treatment during this critical period of your child’s development.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with our clinic, please call:

  • 801-662-1705

Genetic Counseling For Hearing Loss

We also provide genetic counseling about hearing loss. If you’re pregnant, we can provide information about the chances (risks) your future child has of having hearing loss.

Find a Pediatric Hearing Loss Doctor

About the Hearing Center

Pediatric otolaryngologists at University of Utah Health established a multidisciplinary hearing assessment clinic in 2006 to help families whose child has been diagnosed with hearing loss. Our clinic is the only multidisciplinary clinic of its kind in the Mountain West.

Our core team includes:

  • pediatric genetics,
  • audiology, and
  • (ENT) otolaryngology.

We have been fortunate to work with an outstanding team of specialists ranging from neurology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, and child development.

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