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When Should You Go to a Sinus Specialist?

1. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired- Sinusitis, particularly chronic sinusitis can severely impact a person’s overall quality of life. Common symptoms include: discolored drainage, headache, change in sense of smell/taste, fatigue, poor sleep, facial pain/pressure, and an overall reduced sense of wellbeing. Many people don’t know that sinusitis is more common than heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and COPD and has a similar impact on quality of life. We understand how much sinusitis impacts you and your family.

2. Time - It’s gone on too long. If your symptoms have lasted longer than 12 weeks or occur multiple times a year, it may be time to see a specialist. A specialist visit may be needed if you have no improvement with treatments that have been given by other health care providers.

3. Treatment Options - I’ve been on antibiotics too often. As a team, we work with patients to incorporate their individual needs and concerns to develop the best, most effective treatment. Some of these treatment options include; irrigations, antibiotics, nasal sprays, or surgery, and are often times a combination. Chronic sinus problems are often not caused by a bacterial infection, but instead by uncontrolled inflammation.

4. Education - I want to understand more about my sinus problem. What is sinusitis? Do I have a sinus infection and what is the cause? How can I tell if I have acute sinusitis? What is the difference between chronic and acute sinusitis? Are they treated differently? 

5. Specialty Care – I want to see people who know the most about sinusitis. Our rhinology specialists have additional training in sinus and nasal problems. We’re the only fellowship-trained rhinologists in the Mountain West. We combine specialty training and current research to provide a thorough evaluation and individualized treatment plan.

Making an Appointment with a Rhinologist

Referrals are welcome but not necessary when making an appointment with a rhinologist at U of U Health. To make an appointment, call 801-587-8368 or use our online form. Our team will verify your insurance coverage before your visit. If you have had medical tests related to your condition, we will request the results from your provider. Our goal is to make your visit as efficient and helpful as possible.