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Common Summer Injuries

Summer Injuries Infographic

Summer is a wonderful time of year when people tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying a wide variety of activities from water sports to hikes in the woods. However, with more people out and about, summer is also a time when more people show up in the emergency room from injuries that could have been avoided or mitigated if people had considered a few simple safety tips.

Vehicle Safety

Recreational vehicles are extremely popular during the summer months, and as fun as they are, the do come with some risks. ATVs, motorbikes, mountain bikes, and other vehicles used on rough terrain can cause serious injuries. Those who want to enjoy their time on these vehicles and stay safe should:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear reflective clothing (especially at dusk or after dark)
  • Wear other safety gear (knee pads, wrist guards, etc.)
  • Maintain and use safety features and equipment on vehicles (seat belts)

Water Safety

Who doesn't like to cool off in the water on a hot summer day? It's a time-honored tradition and one of the best ways to have fun all season long. However, playing in the water can bring a fair share of injuries for those who don't observe these safety tips:

  • Know your physical limits (swimmers often succumb to exhaustion too far from shore to save themselves)
  • Wear sunblock (and reapply as needed as sunblock washes away in water)
  • Prepare for hypothermia (water that comes from snowmelt is often very cold, even on the hottest days of the year)
  • Don't swim alone

Heat Safety

Even if you're doing nothing but sitting in a park, enjoying the sunshine, there are a few inherent risks. When the weather gets hot, it's helpful to:

  • Stay hydrated (drinks lots of water)
  • Avoid heat stroke/heat exhaustion (take a few minutes to sit in the shade, or better, an air-conditioning building)

Summer is all about having fun, and as long as a few simple safety rules are followed, injuries can be kept to a minimum.