Oct 08, 2022 12:00 AM

teal pumpkin

Halloween can be a spooky time for kids with food allergies. They don’t know what may be lurking in their trick-or-treat bags. The teal pumpkin project aims to protect these kids by using a teal pumpkin on the porch to alert parents that non-food treats are available within. Here are some great examples of what to add to your treat stash if you’re a teal pumpkin house.

Finger puppets: Give the little monsters some little monsters!

Spider rings: What is better on Halloween than spiders you can wear?

Vampire fangs: A classic Halloween toy.

Creepy pencils: A useful treat that wont cause cavities.

Spooky stickers: Stickers are always a hit with kids and are inexpensive enough to give each child several.

allergies halloween teal pumpkin project

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