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A Message from Our CEO

“To our patients throughout Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming—or wherever you may be—YOU are why we are here. We commit to working each and every day to bring the world’s best in compassionate, science-based care to more communities.”

Mary Beckerle, PhD
Huntsman Cancer Institute CEO

Mary Beckerle, PhD

Our Vision

Passionate individuals and teams
delivering a cancer-free frontier
through scientific discovery and human touch

Don Milligan, MBA

Together, We are Moving Mountains

“I extend heartfelt gratitude to the Kirk family, construction workers, architects, valued partners, generous donors, and the Huntsman Cancer Institute team who brought the Kathryn F. Kirk Center to life. Your collective expertise and commitment have created a remarkable new space and fortified our mission to ultimately end cancer.”

Don Milligan, MBA
Cancer Hospital Executive Director

Lifted in Body, Mind, & Spirit

“My mother, Kathryn Fairbanks Kirk, was born and raised in Salt Lake City. Excelling in every endeavor, Kathryn was a talented musician, author, educator, and church and community leader. Her powerful example, radiant personality, and irrepressible optimism inspired and lifted those around her.”

Spencer Kirk
Generous donor

Kristen and Spencer Kirk, their daughters, and Theresa Werner, MD, at the dedication of the Kathryn F. Kirk Center

“On behalf of all who will walk through the doors, I thank you for giving all of us a new beginning—a place of healing, hope, and promise.”

Rebecca Cressman

(Left to right) Mei Wei, MD, Rebecca Cressman, and Jane Porretta, MD

A Place of Healing, Hope, & Promise

“The new Kathryn F. Kirk Center has profound meaning. It may appear to be made of bricks and mortar, glass and steel, but to cancer survivors, it’s a visible symbol of our collective hopes and dreams. It symbolizes a continuous commitment to provide the most advanced cancer care in the world.”

Rebecca Cressman
Breast cancer patient

Overcoming Distance as a Disparity & Other Inequities

“We view the area we serve with a deep sense of responsibility and are committed to designing, implementing, and delivering strategies to reduce the burden of cancer across all communities.”

Neli Ulrich, PhD, MS
Comprehensive Cancer Center Executive Director

Neli Ulrich, PhD, MS standing in front of Huntsman Cancer Institute - Research South building

By the Numbers

Statistics from July 2022–June 2023


662 Research Projects
533 Trainees Advancing
325 Clinical Trials
263 Research Teams
$238M Cancer Research Investment
46 First-in-Human Phase 1 Trials

Clinical Care

An Average Day*

11 Proton Therapy Treatments
19 Surgical Cases
87 Inpatient Stays
111 Radiation Treatments
175 Radiology Procedures
236 Infusion Visits
548 Outpatient Visits

*Includes all Huntsman Cancer Institute locations

Full 2023 Community Report

Cover Captions

Front (from top left)

  • Brian Mitzman, MD, director of robotic thoracic surgery, and his family
  • Rios Pacheco, member of Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation and Kewa Pueblo
  • Patricia Cabrera, patient, and Karen Huntsman, Huntsman Cancer Institute co-founder and patient
  • Mary Beckerle, PhD, Huntsman Cancer Institute CEO

Back (from top)

  • Fernanda Costilla-Correa and Mimi Tran, PathMaker Scholar students
  • A’Lisha Finch, cancer hospital business operations director, and Don Milligan, MBA, cancer hospital executive director
  • Robert Judson-Torres, PhD, assistant professor of dermatology; Shreya Goel, PhD, assistant professor of molecular pharmaceutics; and Kola Okuyemi, MD, MPH, former executive director of equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Neli Ulrich, PhD, MS, chief scientific officer and Comprehensive Cancer Center executive director; and Sachin Apte, MD, MS, MBA, chief clinical officer and physician-in-chief

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