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We are honored to share the 2022 Huntsman Cancer Institute Report to Our Community. You will find stories of how the passionate individuals and teams at Huntsman Cancer Institute have never lost focus of our vision despite the continued challenges we face. From partnerships beyond state lines to ease the cancer burden throughout the Mountain West, ongoing efforts to understand the genetics of cancer, and training the next-generation of cancer researchers while recruiting exceptional new faculty, Huntsman Cancer Institute continues to thrive.

Thank you for joining us in the crucial work toward delivering a cancer-free frontier.

“What do we mean by delivering a cancer-free frontier? It means relentlessly progressing toward a future where cancer is eliminated for every individual in every community.”

Mary Beckerle, PhD
CEO, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Featured Stories

Delivering a More Just, Equitable, & Inclusive Workplace

Huntsman Cancer Institute made a commitment to be an anti-racist cancer center. That meant taking meaningful actions that would result in a more just, equitable, and inclusive environment. Natasha Ovuoba, associate director for the Commission on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, speaks about some of education and support she is providing in her new role.

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Consider the Source: Identifying Cancer Misinformation

Misinformation on social media is more harmful than ever. After witnessing firsthand how difficult it can be to comb through all the clutter, Huntsman Cancer Institute physician-scientist Skyler Johnson, MD, came up with a handy acronym (CRAP) to help patients and their loved ones find factual information and block out the noise.

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Dealing with a Daughter’s Cancer Diagnosis: One Family’s Story

Imagine your child is diagnosed with cancer. How would you react? When Sarah Bresee’s 11-year old daughter, Emma, was told she had Ewing sarcoma, a family’s world was turned upside down. Luckily, Huntsman Cancer Institute provides a mix of highly trained medical specialists using innovative technology and child life specialists supporting families during trying times.

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Providing Access to Lifesaving Cancer Screenings Near & Far

Access to health care is a growing issue, especially in the Mountain West. Huntsman Cancer Institute wants to eliminate economic, social, cultural, environmental, and geographic disparities through partnerships that improve community health. Learn more about some of these initiatives, like breast and colorectal cancer screenings.

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Unlocking Mysteries of Lung & Pancreas Cancers

Collaboration is at the heart of Huntsman Cancer Institute’s culture. Fueled by dedication, lab scientists make progress each day toward understanding cancer from its beginnings. Recently, a pair of studies on lung and pancreatic cancer have made significant headway.

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Strong Arms Around You Always: Sigma Chi

When University of Utah student Josh Dunn was diagnosed with brain cancer, he remembered something his Sigma Chi brothers always said: “There are strong arms around you always, no matter where you are.” Josh’s story, and this quote, spurred his fellow members of the Beta Epsilon chapter to raise over $120,000 for cancer research.

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Full 2022 Community Report

“Culture is the key ingredient and is what defines Huntsman Cancer Institute. Culture is not an accident. Culture is highly intentional, present at every moment, yet can be easily eroded and lost if not tended to.”

Sachin Apte, MD, MS, MBA

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