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About the Precision Exercise Prescription Study

PEP Study Team
PEP Study Team

Our goal is to learn how an exercise program tailored for each person can improve long-term outcomes after lung cancer surgery.

The Precision Exercise Prescription (PEP) team includes medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, researchers, and patients working together to learn more about improving health after a lung cancer diagnosis. Our goal is to learn how an exercise program tailored for each person can improve long-term outcomes after lung cancer surgery.

Who can participate?

Men and women may be able to take part in the study if these apply:

  • Diagnosed with primary lung cancer stage 1, 2, or 3a
  • Diagnosed with secondary lung cancer plus
  • Will have surgery as part of lung cancer treatment

What will I be asked to do?

People who choose to participate will do these things:

  • Answer questions about their health habits, lifestyle, and medical history before surgery and up to 6 months after surgery
  • Give the PEP Study team permission to see medical records about their cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Give small blood samples before surgery and 2 months after surgery

Then, participants will be placed at random into one of two groups:

  • People in Group 1 will have usual post-surgery care, which includes being counseled about exercise, plus take part in an exercise program with the PEP Study physical therapist.
    They will also receive a free FitBit activity tracker.
  • People in Group 2 will have usual post-surgery care, which includes being counseled about exercise. At the 6-month visit after surgery, they will be offered a specialized PEP Study exercise session with a physical therapist plus receive a free FitBit activity tracker at that time.

Why be part of the PEP Study?

Learning how to improve cancer treatment is a process that takes time. Today's cancer patients benefit from the medical knowledge gained through studies done before, just as future cancer patients will benefit from what we learn through research studies today.

You will learn how physical activity can support your healing process.

Your involvement now can make a difference for future lung cancer patients.

Important Notes

  • The PEP Study team will work with your doctors and nurses to coordinate blood sample collection.
  • Taking part in this study is voluntary and confidential.
  • You can stop participating at any time.

To Learn More or Take Part

Phone: 801-587-4699

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be on this study? How much time will it take?

You will take part in the study from the moment you and your surgeon decide to proceed with your surgery until up to 6 months after your surgery. You can decide to leave the study at any time.

Are there any risks from taking part in this study?

These are possible risks:

Risks from Exercising

  • Shortness of breath
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Fainting

Our licensed physical therapist will watch for and try to prevent these risks. The risk of heart attack and strokes is very low.

Risks from Revealing Personal Information

There is a risk you may feel uncomfortable knowing your medical records are being reviewed by the study team. There is also a risk you may feel uncomfortable answering personal questions on study questionnaires. You may skip any questions you prefer not to answer.

Risks from Having Blood Taken

There is a small risk of bleeding, bruising, or discomfort at the site of the blood collection. The technician taking your blood will apply pressure to the site to reduce bleeding. Sometimes a patient may feel dizzy when blood is being taken. If you feel dizzy, you will be asked to lie down for a few minutes until the dizziness passes. The small amount of blood drawn for the research study will have no impact on your health.

Unforeseeable Risks

In addition to the risks listed above, you may experience a previously unknown risk or side effect.

Is there any compensation for taking part in this study?

Participants receive a personalized exercise plan from a licensed physical therapist, a gift card, and a free activity tracker.

How often do I need my blood drawn to take part in this study?

You will have blood samples taken two times during the course of the study. The first sample will be taken when you first enter the study, and the second will be during your two-month follow up visit after your surgery. Whenever possible, we will coordinate our blood draws with blood draws ordered by your doctor.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

If you have questions, complaints, or concerns about this study, you may contact any of these study personnel:

Bailee Daniels, Clinical Research Coordinator

Caroline Himbert, Research Assistant

Neli Ulrich, PhD, Principal Researcher

Research Participant Advocate

For lung cancer related questions or concerns, please visit the Huntsman Cancer Institute lung cancer page. For wellness and support resources offered at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, please visit the Huntsman Cancer Institute Wellness & Support page.