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Evidence from the American Institute for Cancer Research shows that eating a diet full of plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans may help lower risk for many cancers. Try these tasty ways to enjoy pears.

10. Poach Your Pears

Ever tried it? They’re delicious! Check out the ‘Poached Pears’ recipe from Fruits & Veggies-More Matters to learn how!

9. Pear Cobbler

Substitute pears for apples in your favorite low-fat cobbler recipe or try this Rise and Shine Cobbler.

8. Sweet Soup

Ever tried pears in soup? Check out Fruits & Veggies-More Matters' Sweet Potato-Pear Soup recipe. Magnifique!

7. The Perfect Snack

Have a delicious fresh pear as a sweet, juicy snack.

6. Pears Instead of Apples

For a change in flavor, use pears in any way you would usually use apples.

5. Preserve Them

Try your hand at making pear preserves. They’ll be waiting for you in your pantry anytime.

4. Pear Dip

Try pears in this Cheddar & Parmesan Pear Dip.

3. Sweet Salads

Pear slices can change an ordinary salad into a flavorful work of art! Check out these Savory Pear Salad or Pear Bistro Salad recipes.

2. Chutney & Salsa

Pears can be a perfect partner for savory dishes. Try Spicy Apple & Pear Chutney over grilled pork, chicken, or fish.

1. Grilled Cheese and… Pear?

What flavor! Try adding thinly-sliced pears to a grilled cheese sandwich or on your favorite panini (don’t forget to use whole wheat!).

Learn more about making healthy food choices to help prevent cancer.

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Cancer touches all of us.

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