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Together We Advance Research

Author: Cornelia Ulrich, PhD

Cornelia Ulrich portrait at Huntsman Cancer Institute
Cornelia Ulrich, PhD, Executive Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center at Huntsman Cancer Institute; Jon and Karen Huntsman Presidential Professor in Cancer Research; Professor, Population Health Sciences, University of Utah

Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) brings together a community of highly motivated and dedicated researchers, staff, and trainees. We may see cancer through different lenses—whether population, clinical, or laboratory research—but each of us is focused on one thing: eradicating suffering caused by cancer. Our powerful culture of collaboration demonstrates what happens when we join forces and work toward a common goal.

HCI focuses on cancer problems in Utah and our vast Mountain West region. We work closely with our communities to foster cancer prevention efforts. Thanks to our generous donors, we have an exceptional environment for cancer research. State-of-the-art laboratory equipment and unique resources such as the Utah Population Database help HCI's impact reach across the globe. The quality of our research is broadly recognized—HCI scientists have remarkable success in securing competitive grant awards.

Within and across four research programs, HCI's experts take on major challenges in cancer:

  • Understanding processes in healthy cells and how they go awry in cancer
  • Developing novel treatment approaches and testing them for success
  • Discovering genetic risk factors and detecting cancer early
  • Encouraging healthy behaviors aimed at preventing cancer and improving well-being after a cancer diagnosis

Every day when I come to HCI, I am grateful to see the impact of teams coming together to pursue meaningful advances for cancer patients. All aspects of the Comprehensive Cancer Center work together as one, guided by these principles: the patient first, united effort, and excellence in all we do.

Cancer is very complex. Yet as part of a community wholly focused on this challenge, HCI is poised to make extraordinary contributions to eradicate cancer.

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Cancer touches all of us.