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Letter of Hope from Randy Jensen, Neurosurgeon

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Author: Randy Jensen, MD, PhD

Randy Jensen, MD, PhD

One of the greatest satisfactions of my professional life is interacting with patients and families of patients with brain tumors. I am ever impressed with your courage during what is arguably one of the most stressful experiences a person could go through.

An initial diagnosis sparks emotions like surprise, frustration, and confusion. For many, it’s the first time you may have ever needed to seek medical care. I ask patients to disregard a lot of what you read on the internet or hear from well-meaning neighbors and acquaintances. There are a lot of negative statistics and outcomes associated with brain tumors on the internet. When newly diagnosed, I encourage you to move forward with hope and determination that you will be the outlier, the long-term survivor.

“You will never be left alone to find your way without help and support.”

Know that we have a very strong team that will be helping you through the journey. Although this process usually begins with surgeons, neuro-oncologists, and radiation oncologists, there are many other important members of the team. Pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants, social workers, clinical trial coordinators, medical assistants, treatment planning coordinators, and schedulers are all in your corner. We have very sophisticated methods of monitoring your disease and a growing number of experimental trials if standard therapies are not controlling tumor growth.

For patients who decide they no longer want to undergo therapy or have tumors that are resistant to all reasonable available treatments, we have support for you and your families. You will never be left alone to find your way without help and support. Our team will be with you and your family in a joint effort to maximize your health, find joy in the journey, and provide support for whatever is needed.

Randy Jensen, MD, PhD

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