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Sun Safety Tips For You and Your Family

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Summer has arrived—and that means long hours of sun and fun at backyard barbecues, water parks, and ballparks. If you’re out in the sun, be sure to follow these protection tips.

Know Your Risks

While there are many health benefits to being outside in the sun, be aware of the damaging effects of unprotected sun exposure.

Get Shady

  • Even while wearing sunscreen, seek shade whenever possible.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Cover up with lightweight UPF-protective clothing.
  • Protect those peepers with sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection.
  • Avoid going out during peak hours from 10 am to 4 pm.

Lather, Reapply, Repeat

  • Apply liberally—20 minutes before heading outdoors—to all uncovered skin.
  • One ounce (about one shot glass) of sunscreen is a good starting amount, and you may even need more.
  • Rub spray-on sunscreen into your skin.
  • Reapply after 40 minutes of swimming or sweating.

Read the Labels

  • Select a mineral-based product because it will form a protective layer on your skin and reflect UV light.
  • Choose broad spectrum sunscreens for full protection.
  • Sweat happens, so use water-resistant sunscreen in the pool and on land.
  • Look for SPF 30 or higher to block 97% of the sun’s rays.

Protect Your Little Ones

Since babies (ages six months and younger) are at a greater risk than adults of sunscreen side effects, it’s best to dress them in protective clothing and stay in the shade as much as possible. As an added bonus, your baby’s fashionable accessories will bring smiles and laughter to anyone passing by.

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