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Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Department of Communications and Public Affairs is available to assist journalists and members of the media. We help answer questions related to the latest cancer research, clinical care, training, and community outreach and engagement.

Our team arranges interviews and photo shoots with faculty, staff, volunteers, and patients. We also assist with story ideas and provide clinical and research expert commentary.

Main Line: 801-585-1954

Social Media Channels

Follow HCI on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our Team

Ashlee Bright, MPA
Director, Communications and Public Affairs

Meredith Vehar, MPA
Associate Director, Communications

Garrett Harding
Associate Director, Community Outreach

Carley Longhurst
Communications Specialist, Public Affairs

Amy Olsen
Communications Specialist, Social Media

Jill Woods
Administrative Assistant, Communications and Public Affairs

Brand and Style Guide

At Huntsman Cancer Institute, we are dedicated—beyond a job, beyond a cause—because we not only conduct research and engage our community, we share hours with the people who live with cancer. Their dignity, care, and cure is personal to us. Each of their stories matter. We aim to carry the principle of excellence in all we do from the beauty of our buildings, to the personal touch given to each patient, to the very words we use to tell stories.

Our Brand and Style Guide reflects this commitment to excellence, authenticity, diligence, and inclusiveness. B-roll footage and our logo are available to journalists and media representatives. To request, please contact the public affairs team. Photos of HCI are available to download at the University of Utah Image Library.

Media Visitation Policy

Our team coordinates all media inquiries related to activities at Huntsman Cancer Institute. Journalists are welcome on our cancer campus to interview faculty, staff, volunteers, and patients. We require advance notice to organize the visit, including parking arrangements and participation of our subject experts.

To maintain patient confidentiality and privacy, a member of the Communications and Public Affairs team is required to accompany journalists, photographers, and film crews. Consent forms are required for all patient and caregiver interviews and photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I get a copy of your logo or photos/images?

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Are any of Huntsman Cancer Institute’s doctors or researchers on Twitter?

  • Follow HCI's Twitter list to connect with our providers, researchers, and staff on Twitter.