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Huntsman Cancer Institute Expands Lifesaving Impact across Utah with Plans for New Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah (the U), a pioneering innovator dedicated to developing more effective ways to care for and prevent cancer, announced plans today for a new Huntsman Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center in Utah County. This second headquarters will be in Vineyard, a growing city embedded in Utah’s tech hub. The plan opens new possibilities for cancer research, prevention, and treatments.

Distance is a major healthcare disparity for cancer patients in Utah and surrounding states. A study by Huntsman Cancer Institute researchers published in Cancer Medicine found that the five-year cancer survival rate for rural Utah residents was 5.2% lower than metropolitan residents. Huntsman Cancer Institute chose this location to serve members of our community closer to where they live, giving hundreds of thousands of Utahns and surrounding state residents improved access to world-class cancer care.

Rendering of future Huntsman Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center
Rendering of future Huntsman Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center in Utah County
Site of future center during announcement in Utah County
Site of future center during announcement in Vineyard, Utah

“Huntsman Cancer Institute’s vision is to deliver a cancer-free frontier, and we believe that begins right here in Utah,” says Mary Beckerle, PhD, CEO of Huntsman Cancer Institute. “This expansion of Huntsman Cancer Institute will address the monumental population growth in Utah and reduce the travel burden many patients face every day. Located in one of the fastest growing counties in the country, it will provide easier access to comprehensive cancer care, accelerate cancer research, and train the next generation of cancer providers and scientists.”

“Traveling long distances to seek cancer treatment places undue burden on those in our community at their most vulnerable times. Receiving cancer care close to home improves health outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients. Our community of Alpine, Utah, would greatly benefit from receiving comprehensive cancer care in Utah Valley.”

Carla Merrill
Mayor, Alpine City

“Utah County warmly welcomes the Huntsman Cancer Institute’s second headquarters to the heart of Utah. This announcement is as extraordinary as it is timely. Given the known and unknown roots of the many types of cancers, to see this institution’s expansion into our neighborhood is a profoundly welcome event.”

Tom Sakievich
Commissioner, Utah County

The University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Foundation also announced a major matching gift of $75 million from the Huntsman Foundation. This is the largest single gift by the Jon M. and Karen Huntsman family to Huntsman Cancer Institute since its founding.

This extraordinary donation now initiates a call to the community to join Huntsman Cancer Foundation and raise the matching support needed to move this project forward as quickly as possible. 

Left to right: Huntsman Cancer Institute CEO Mary Beckerle, Karen Huntsman, Senator Keith Grover, Utah Speaker of the House of Representatives Brad Wilson, Huntsman Foundation President and COO David Huntsman
Left to right: Huntsman Cancer Institute CEO Mary Beckerle, Karen Huntsman, Senator Keith Grover, Utah Speaker of the House of Representatives Brad Wilson, Huntsman Foundation President and COO David Huntsman

“This is a bold step forward, mirroring a similar step Jon and Karen Huntsman took establishing Huntsman Cancer Institute 25 years ago,” says Peter Huntsman, chairman and CEO of Huntsman Cancer Foundation. “This new campus is a game-changer, bringing research and specialty cancer care closer to the people of Utah County and surrounding rural areas. But one family cannot do it alone. Similar to our previous expansions, this state-owned project will only be completed with the matching funds from state and local leaders, institutions, and our generous individual contributors.”

“With the rapid growth of Utah County, it is both necessary and exciting to see the interest that top notch health organizations have in locating here. I appreciate greatly this commitment from the Huntsman Cancer institute in locating in Vineyard.”

Mark Johnson
Mayor, Lehi City

“Utah County will be blessed with this new facility. Brave and inspiration cancer patients will be able to get treatment from this state-of-the-art-facility. Thank you to everyone involved in making this cancer institute a reality.”

Brandon Gordon
Commission Vice Chair, Utah County

“Huntsman Cancer Institute offers world class research, treatment, and patient care. Providing access to quality care that is convenient for Eagle Mountain residents and all of Utah County is a deeply meaningful step in the fight to end cancer.”

Tom Westmoreland
Mayor, Eagle Mountain

Located near several higher education and technical training institutions, the second Huntsman Cancer Institute campus will support workforce development, training opportunities, and hands-on learning for the next generation of scientists and health care providers.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our students and community to contribute in profound ways to delivering care and ending cancer,” says Astrid Tuminez, president of Utah Valley University (UVU). “To believe in what’s possible, no matter the hurdles, is the culture of UVU, which makes training at Huntsman Cancer Institute’s world class research and care facilities an extraordinary opportunity for our students.”

Front row, left to right: Senator Keith Grover, Speaker Brad Wilson, University of Utah President Taylor Randall, U of U Health CEO Michael Good, Vineyard Mayor Julie Fullmer, Karen Huntsman, Huntsman Foundation President and COO David Huntsman
Front row, left to right: Senator Keith Grover, Speaker Brad Wilson, University of Utah President Taylor Randall, U of U Health CEO Michael Good, Vineyard Mayor Julie Fullmer, Karen Huntsman, Huntsman Foundation President and COO David Huntsman

Huntsman Cancer Institute’s signature strength in conquering cancer is research. The institute’s research has resulted in new scientific and technological discoveries that have led to advances in cancer prevention and treatment, extending and improving the lives of patients around the world. The cancer hospital at Huntsman Cancer Institute is ranked in the top 50 nationally out of more than 4,500 programs. It is also part of University of Utah Health, which has ranked in the top 10 nationally for care quality the last 13 years.

“Having cancer care close to home is a great blessing to our residents and surrounding communities. The Huntsman Cancer Institute is leading the way in treatment with a goal towards a cancer-free environment. They deliver a high standard of care in pursuit of healing the individual while minimizing any disruption from the normal routine of life.”

Brad Frost
Mayor, American Fork

“A hospital of this caliber in Utah County will be a game changer for our residents. Intermountain Healthcare being in Spanish Fork has been a huge blessing for South Utah County and those coming through. The compliment of having an additional partner in healthcare will only add to the physical and mental health of our city.”

Mike Mendenhall
Mayor, Spanish Fork

“Huntsman Cancer Institute is the only place in the region devoted to discovering new cancer treatments,” says Taylor Randall, president of the University of Utah. “Research is at the heart of what we do at the University of Utah, and it turns the dream of curing cancer into a reality. Research will be a major focus of the new campus, and it will advance our commitment to eradicate cancer, including through design of better ways to provide comprehensive cancer care to more patients across Utah and in particular residents of rural communities.”

“For nearly 3 decades, the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City has been a beacon for research, education, and patient care for people with all types of cancer, serving many throughout the Mountain West. We are excited that their world-renowned mission to improve the lives of people affected by cancer will be expanded to now include a state-of-the-art location right here in Vineyard, Utah, which will be an incredible resource for our surrounding communities.”

Carolyn Lundberg
Mayor, Lindon

“I am so pleased to hear that the Huntsman Cancer Institute is coming to Utah County. The residents of Utah County will be well served by having this invaluable resource nearby. Having watched loved ones suffer through cancer treatments, travel to important, life-saving treatment was part of the stress associated with the process. Reducing that burden for our Utah County residents will hopefully make this difficult experience less difficult. Thank you, Huntsman Cancer Institute for providing this important resource.”

Denise Andersen
Mayor, Cedar Hills

The Utah County headquarters will be a part of Vineyard’s growth, creating a rare opportunity to simultaneously plan a community and a cancer center; each co-designed for collaboration, discovery, and health promotion. It will be a 10-minute drive from Provo Municipal Airport, adjacent to Vineyard Frontrunner Station and I-15, and near the picturesque shore of Utah Lake.

“Having this medical life science giant in the heart of our growing technology and innovation center will lead to breakthroughs in science and medicine, paving paths for cutting-edge approaches to cancer research and treatment,” says Julie Fullmer, mayor of Vineyard. “The possibilities are endless. We are so thrilled, and share in the excitement of local leaders and patients, that the second Huntsman Cancer Institute headquarters is coming to our city and to Utah County’s largest regional development. The work performed here will save countless lives, connect services to communities, and provide greater access and healing.”

Mayor Julie Fullmer and Karen Huntsman
Vineyard Mayor Julie Fullmer and Karen Huntsman with other attendees at the announcement

Federal, state, and local leaders have been key contributors to the discussions about this new Huntsman Cancer Institute presence in Utah County. 

“I am thrilled about the decision to build the Huntsman Cancer Institute campus in Utah Valley,” says U.S. Congressman John Curtis. “This state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of Vineyard, Utah, is not just a hospital, but a beacon of hope for our community. It stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing Utah's role as a national leader in cancer research and care for rural and frontier communities.”

The state of Utah is experiencing major population growth. With over 3.3 million residents currently, this number will grow to 5.2 million residents by 2060. Thirty percent of this growth is expected to occur in Utah County.

“Utah County is experiencing a medical transformation. Huntsman Cancer Institute will be a welcomed and valued partner in our medically-innovative county. Through coordinated effort, Utah County is providing for citizens’ medical needs while training the doctors who will meet the needs of the generations to come.”

Michelle Kaufusi
Mayor, Provo

“I wholeheartedly support the proposed expansion of the Huntsman Cancer Institute for the following reasons: Time is critical for many cancer patients; cancer patients would have better access to the medical treatment they desperately need; and I believe it would save more lives.”

Bill Wright
Mayor, Payson

“Having Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah’s largest regional development at the crossroads for transportation is critical for serving patients throughout our region and further south. Orem welcomes Huntsman Cancer Institute and looks forward to the partnerships built and forged through the growing business in Vineyard and our surrounding communities.”

Dave Young
Mayor, Orem

“We’re grateful to the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Huntsman family for expanding access to cancer patients in Utah County and throughout our state,” says Utah Governor Spencer Cox. “This state-of-the-art facility will help thousands of cancer patients and their loved ones as they seek high-quality treatment and support. We are proud to stand in support of this new phase, and side-by-side with each cancer patient in Utah, as we work to bring hope and healing even closer to more communities.”

“From the beginning, Huntsman Cancer Institute centered its efforts on addressing the cancer burden in Utah,” states Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson. “That focus has led to game-changing innovations and an extension of care to people across the globe. This next step will bring research innovations to thousands more in our state and region, and will continue to cement Utah’s role as a leader in cancer research and lifesaving care.”

Utah Senate President J. Stuart Adams adds, “I am thrilled Huntsman Cancer Institute is expanding to Utah County. With this expansion, lifesaving care will be more accessible to Utahns. Thank you to the Huntsman family for their tireless efforts and profound impact as we partner in our great state to advance comprehensive cancer care. The new location brings renewed hope to the fight against cancer and enhances access to world-class care and groundbreaking research.”

“As mayor of Santaquin, I find this [announcement of a Huntsman Cancer Institute location in Vineyard, Utah] some of the best news that we have had in a while. A few years ago, we had a family member diagnosed with cancer and began immediate treatment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The travel of 75 miles each way from Santaquin was a challenge and yet the experience to see, firsthand, the care received was more than remarkable. Bringing the Huntsman Cancer Institute to Vineyard is going to provide families facing transportation challenges a chance to receive much needed care with less time on the road.”

Daniel Olson
Mayor, Santaquin

“This is an exciting development for our community, and we are honored to have such a renowned institution join us. The arrival of the Huntsman Cancer Institute located in Vineyard, which is centrally located in the county, will undoubtedly spur economic growth and job opportunities throughout the region. It will attract top-tier medical professionals, researchers, and support staff, creating a ripple effect that strengthens our healthcare infrastructure and fosters collaboration with local medical institutions.”

Amelia Gardner
Commission Chair, Utah County

The anticipated site in Vineyard is within a development planned by The Flagship Companies and Woodbury Corporation called Utah City. “Huntsman Cancer Institute is unmatched in research, prevention, and life-saving treatments for cancer,” says Jeff Woodbury, senior vice president of development and acquisitions at Woodbury Corporation. “We are thrilled to be a part of bringing this unparalleled cancer resource closer to home for thousands of Utahns.”

Mary Beckerle (center) and Huntsman Cancer Institute patients (left to right) Carine Clark, Jenni Thompson, Erin Hurst, and Jeanette Bennett
Mary Beckerle (center) and Huntsman Cancer Institute patients (left to right) Carine Clark, Jenni Thompson, Erin Hurst, and Jeanette Bennett

Further details on the project will be outlined in months to come. Construction of the campus is pending further progress in the fundraising effort, and other review processes, including before the Utah Legislature.

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