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Immunotherapy Adverse Neurologic Events Clinic

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About the Immunotherapy Adverse Neurologic Events Clinic

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment that helps the body’s immune system fight cancer. There are different types of immunotherapy used to treat various forms of cancer. Immunotherapy may cause side effects depending on a patient’s health, type and stage of cancer, and length of time taking the treatment.

Doctors in the Immunotherapy Adverse Neurologic Events Clinic at Huntsman Cancer Institute help find and treat side effects so patients have the best possible outcome.

Who Can Visit the Clinic?

Patients taking immunotherapy who are or may have side effects related to the nervous system are seen in this clinic. Side effects may involve the following:

Peripheral Nervous System

  • Neuropathy (polyneuropathy, CIDP/AIDP, small fiber neuropathy, brachial neuritis, etc.)
  • Neuromuscular junction (Myasthenia, Lambert-Eaton)
  • Myopathy (Necrotizing myopathy, inflammatory myositis)

Central Nervous System

  • Brain (encephalitis, encephalopathy, vasculitis)
  • Optic nerve (optic neuritis, retinopathy)
  • Brainstem
  • Spinal cord (myelitis)

What Services Do Patients Receive?

  • Interdisciplinary diagnosis and workup
  • Treatment evaluation
  • Coordination with oncology

Our Experts


The clinic is located in Clinic 2D at Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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