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Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way to consciously and purposely be in the present. It helps ease stress and anxiety which can distract us from living in the moment.

Studies show that mindfulness can help you in these ways:

  • Less pain
  • Better mood
  • Overall improvement in quality of life

Mindful Walking

Mindful walking can distract you from what is bothering you. The labyrinth on Huntsman Cancer Institute's 4th floor patient patio offers a winding path for all to walk toward stillness and peace of mind. You can also choose to walk a path familiar to you.

How Do I Mindfully Walk?


Focus on your steps. Notice the way your heel touches the ground and how the ball of your foot rolls on the floor. Stand tall.

Focus on your breathing. For each breath you take, breathe in deeply. Hold the breath for a moment, then release it.

Quiet your mind. Let your thoughts come and go, but try to pay attention to your breathing and each step.

Walking the Labyrinth

Patient walking the Labyrinth path

The labyrinth at Huntsman Cancer Institute is open to patients, staff, and loved ones at any time. It is located on the 4th floor outdoor terrace east of the cancer hospital. There are many ways to walk the labyrinth. Choose what feels right for you.

Here are some ideas:

  • Silence - Clear your thoughts and open your heart to the silence of the walk.
  • Images - Focus on images or dreams that come up as you walk.
  • Memory - Walk in memory of a loved one who has passed away.
  • Words - Recite a prayer, Bible verse, or favorite poem as you follow the path.
  • Question - Open your mind to explore possible answers to a question you have.

How to Walk This Path

The labyrinth shows a path
To the center, to your center, and back again.
This is no maze of dead ends. You cannot get lost.

Pause at the opening and take a breath
To quiet your mind. And just walk.
Take it slow, there's no hurry.

You may enter with a prayer, a holy verse, a line of poetry--
But none is required. Just walk.

You may bring a question. Expect no answer.
Be willing to explore the possibilities. Just walk.

Perhaps you have a dream, or perhaps an image
Will come to you on the journey. Follow it. Just walk.

You may honor a loved one or the memory
Of one who has passed away. Just walk.

You may seek a moment of peace. Be silent.
Pay full attention to each breath, each step. Just walk.

Walk to the center and pause.
See what you see. Feel what you feel.
And then retrace your winding path.
Your feet will finish where you started.

May this path refresh your mind, heart, and spirit,
And ready you to walk the world again.

Written by Diane Leslie Fouts
Former Huntsman Cancer Institute Patient and Employee

Diane Fouts passed away in January 2020. We honor her memory and are grateful for her many contributions to Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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