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How Fit Are You Compared to Other People Your Age?



University Employee/Student

PEAK's fitness assessment is an excellent way to get a picture of how your fitness compares to others in your age group so you can make attainable, realistic, and healthful fitness goals.

Our fitness assessment package includes the following tests:

  • Submaximal aerobic fitness test
  • Upper body strength (push-ups)
  • Flexibility (sit and reach)

*Up to $30 savings compared to prices of individual tests

General Information

  • 60 minute appointment
  • Bring comfortable exercise clothing

Submaximal Aerobic Test: What to Expect

  • A submaximal aerobic test involves exercising 75-85% predicted max heart rate
  • Generally completed on bicycle ergometer
  • Heart rate and workload are used to predict maximum oxygen uptake
  • Great test to determine cardiovascular fitness
  • Test takes approximately 12-15 minutes
  • Results are available immediately after the test is completed