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How Fit Are You Compared to Other People Your Age?



University Employee

University Student

PEAK's general fitness testing is an excellent way to get a picture of how your fitness compares to others in your age group so you can make attainable, realistic, and healthful fitness goals.

Our general fitness testing package includes the following tests:

  • Bod Pod body composition test (%fat)
  • Submaximal aerobic fitness test
  • Upper body strength (push-ups)
  • Abdominal strength (curl-ups)
  • Flexibility (sit and reach)

*Up to $30 savings compared to prices of individual tests

General Information

  • 90 minute appointment
  • Bod Pod test will be completed first and fitness tests will be completed second
  • Do not eat, drink coffee, or exercise 4-5 hours prior to your test
  • Bring form fitting clothing (lycra shorts and sports bra or swim suit for women or lycra shorts or speedo for men) for the Bod Pod test
  • Bring a change of comfortable exercise clothing for the fitness tests
  • You may bring a small snack for after the Bod Pod test is completed

Bod Pod: What to Expect

  • Special clothing is necessary. Women need to bring a swimsuit or form fitting lycra shorts and a sports bra. Men need to bring a speedo or form fitting lycra shorts. (PEAK can provide compression shorts if needed.)
  • Don't eat or exercise 4-5 hours prior to your test
  • Don't drink coffee 4-5 hours prior to your test
  • Don't smoke or drink alcohol 2 hours prior to your test
  • Don't participate in vigorous/high intensity weight training 12 hours prior
  • Do come rested and relaxed
  • The participant sits comfortably inside the BOD POD for 2-3 50-second testing periods

Submaximal Aerobic Test: What to Expect

  • A submaximal aerobic test involves exercising 75-85% predicted max heart rate
  • Generally completed on bicycle ergometer
  • Heart rate and workload are used to predict maximum oxygen uptake
  • Great test to determine cardiovascular fitness
  • Test takes approximately 12-15 minutes
  • Results are available immediately after the test is completed