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Testing Your Body Composition & VO2Max



University Employee

University Student

All testing is done by appointment.

PEAK's Performance Testing package will provide a baseline. This means that our performance testing package will let you measure your progress as you work toward your athletic goals. This package includes the following tests:

  • Body Composition (%fat) - Bod Pod
  • VO2max
  • $30 savings compared to prices for individual tests

General Information

  • 90 minute appointment
  • Bod Pod test will be completed first, followed by the VO2max test
  • Bring clothes for the Bod Pod (see details below) and comfortable exercise clothing for the VO2max test
  • You may choose to bring a small snack for after the Bod Pod test is completed

Bod Pod

What to Expect

  • Special clothing is necessary. Women need to bring a swimsuit or form fitting shorts and a sports bra. Men need to bring a speedo or compression shorts. (PEAK can provide compression shorts if needed.)
  • Don't exercise, eat, or drink anything with calories or caffeine 4-5 hours prior to your test
  • It's okay to drink water up until it's time for your test if you're thirsty
  • Don't participate in vigorous/high intensity weight training 12 hours prior
  • Do come rested and relaxed

VO2max Information

VO2max (also called maximal oxygen uptake) is a measure that trainers and doctors use to measure your cardiorespiratory fitness. PEAK uses open-circuit spirometry to accurately measure your VO2max. Athletes can use VO2max testing information to determine how intensely they should train and gauge results of a training program.

What to Expect

  • Graded exercise test lasting 8-14 minutes (not including warm-up and cool-down)
  • Can be completed on a treadmill or a bicycle
  • Heart rate is monitored
  • Athlete will wear a nose clip and mouthpiece to capture exhaled air
  • Oxygen uptake is measured with a metabolic cart
  • Results are available immediately after the test is completed
  • PEAK exercise physiologist will explain results