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What to Expect During Your Skinfold Caliper Test



University Employee

University Student

All testing is done by appointment.

  • 30-minute appointment
  • It's best not to have a measurement done immediately after you exercise since the shift in body fluid to the skin increases the skinfold thickness.
  • Please bring or wear shorts to a skinfold measurement.
  • The skinfold method of body composition analysis is fairly quick and moderately invasive.
  • A trained professional will measure the thickness of a skinfold at seven different sites on the body with a skinfold caliper.
  • Two to three measurements are recorded at each location and the average of the seven measurements is used in calculating the body composition.

Skinfold Results Information

  • The accuracy of skinfold measurements are within ± 3.5-5%.
  • Results are available immediately
  • PEAK tester will explain and help you interpret your results