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Kidney & Hypertension—Nephrology

Kidney Disease

Our kidney treatment services see patients with all types of kidney disease and hypertension. Our treatments include plasma therapy—also known as plasmapheresis.

Kidney Conditions

The kidney diseases and conditions we treat include the following:
  • chronic or acute kidney diseases from any cause
  • resistant or secondary hypertension
  • unexplained proteinuria or hematuria
  • cystic kidney diseases
  • inherited kidney diseases
  • onco-nephrology
  • amyloidosis


US News & World Report Kidney High Performing Care 2023-2024

Clinic for Kidney Treatment

Glomerulonephritis Clinic

This clinic involves evaluation and treatment of patients with inflammation of the kidney. Untreated, glomerulonephritis can lead to complete kidney failure. This means that early and accurate diagnosis and management of the disease is crucial to preserve kidney function.

We work in collaboration with specialists in rheumatology and provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care. We also conduct clinical trials that involve treatment of kidney diseases due to multiple inflammatory causes, including lupus, focal segmental glomerulonephritis, membranous glomerulonephritis, rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, and others.

Phone: 801-581-2772

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Kidney Treatment Programs

Kidney Transplant Program

University of Utah Health's kidney transplant program has been caring for patients with end-stage renal (kidney) disease since 1965.

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Amyloidosis Treatment

Amyloidosis is a condition that's caused by an abnormal protein in your body. Because many organs could be affected, you might need several different specialists to evaluate you.

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Renal Autotransplant

Renal autotransplant is a type of surgery that helps patients manage severe, long-lasting kidney pain.

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