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What Is Occupational Therapy?

The word "occupation" in occupational therapy does not mean employment, but the tasks you do every day: What occupies your time or attention. The goal of occupational therapy is to assist you or your loved one become fully engaged in life, prepared for challenges and successes.

Occupational therapy helps people with a variety of areas including (but not limited to):

  • self-care,
  • play,
  • work,
  • school, and
  • community.

How Can Occupational Therapy Help Me?

We focus our therapy on your individual needs. We can help you meet goals like:

  • completing dressing and grooming,
  • participating socially with peers,
  • age appropriate play,
  • eating a variety of food with utensils,
  • completing chores or household management tasks independently,
  • return to work, and
  • cook for your family.

Our occupational therapists at the University of Utah Life Skills Clinic work with people of all ages to evaluate each situation and organize a treatment plan which leads to greater independence and satisfaction with the activities that they want and need to do as part of his or her daily routine.

Contact Us For More Information

Children and teen summer groups will be held at the Life Skills Clinic: 

417 Wakara Way; Ste 1410  SLC UT, 84108

Call us to reserve your spot today:


Summer Groups

Join the Life Skills Clinic at U of U Health for a 2024 summer group. We offer groups for children, teens, and adults. 

Summer Group (Ages 4+)

Practice social skills, self-regulation, and more all while playing a variety of games and activities!

When: These 90 minute group sessions begin June 11th and run for 6 weeks.

Adulting 101 (Ages 15+)

Need help with life skills for your teen or young adult? This group is designed to do just that. We will address a wide variety of topics including self-care, social skills, organization, attention/focus, chores, meal preparation, and other skills required for independent living!

When: These 90 minute sessions begin June 12th and run for 6 weeks.

Parents/Caregivers Group

Our aim is to provide a safe place to ask a trained professional questions and give you the opportunity to meet other parents/caregivers with similar concerns. We want to provide you with the resources you need to help your loved ones succeed.

Our parents/caregivers group begins June 2024. We offer a variety of different sessions and topics. All sessions will be held remotely over Zoom. The cost of each session is $20.00. Join us for one session or as many as you'd like. Call today to reserve your spot.

Sessions Offered:

  • 6/13  - Self Regulation

  • 6/21 - Behavior Support

  • 6/28 - Communication

  • 7/11 - Parent Self-care

  • 7/18 - Trauma Informed Care

  • 7/25 - IEP & 504 Basics

  • 8/1 - Handwriting

  • 8/8 - Motor Skills

  • 8/15 - Executive Functioning

Dark green, orange, and cream flyer. Starts June 12th and runs for 6 weeks. Ages 15+
Mountain and sun background. Summer group begins June 11th for ages 4+
Modern teal and soft pink flyer. Parent/caregiver group session info. Sessions begin June 2024.

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