Health Care for Youth in Foster Care

The Foster Health Care Program specializes in providing comprehensive health care services and consultation for youth in foster care and out-of-home placements.

Changing Lives…one child at a time.

Youth will receive care by medical providers experienced with the needs of children in foster care including:

  • Health and well child care: mandated well-child evaluation and education;
  • Care for children or teens when ill or needing medical follow-up;
  • Gynecological and reproductive care for teens; and
  • Care coordination with case workers, mental health professionals, and other specialists as needed.

Who is Eligible?

Children 0-21 years of age residing in shelter, kinship, foster care, or other out-of-home placements and those that do not have a primary health care provider are eligible.

We provider a medical home for youth in Department of Child and Family Services custody to:

  • Improve outcomes for youth within a system of care familiar with the complex medical emotional, and social needs of these children,
  • Provide continuity of health care, and
  • Facilitate coordination of care.