Phone Number & Address

Phone Number

Please call us at: 801-587-3224


51 West 3900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Parking & Location Information


Our building shares a driveway with the Juvenile Justice Services building. Use the northwest door of the building to find our Teenscope office.


Our parking is on the left as you turn into the driveway.

Teenscope South Day Treatment

children at table

Teenscope is a treatment program for teens ages 12–17 that helps teens and their parents:

  • understand a mental/behavioral health diagnosis,
  • resolve family issues, and
  • get treatment for all mental health issues.

When appropriate, Teenscope also helps teens combat chemical dependency issues.

Teens attending Teenscope come to the program every day.

Call Teenscope at 801-587-3224.