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Maintaining Your Stride

You’ve survived your thirties and have a pretty good idea what makes life fulfilling for you. At this point the impetuosity of youth has hopefully morphed into a zest for life that includes maintaining an exercise routine. Add to that regular check-ups, and you are prepped for a strong third quarter.

The Best Exercise for Body & Mind



You’ve heard it all before: You are losing muscle mass! Your testosterone is getting lower! Your flexibility is decreasing! Your mobility will be affected! As overly dramatic as it all sounds, it is good to pay attention to basic guidelines. For an effective exercise routine you need to regularly do cardio exercise and strength training.

Since men in this decade are also most affected by heart disease, it’s incredibly important that you maintain a healthy heart. It’s also essential that you become more aware of what you eat and what that does to your body. Veggies and fruits should be your constant companions. (There’s the health guilt trip for this round.)

You may also be experiencing a lot of stress from maintaining a full life, trying to balance between family, work, and healthy living. Exercising regularly and trying other practices, perhaps meditation, can help you remain balanced and healthy in body and mind.

Screenings & Sexual Health

As your doctor recommends, you should start screenings for prostate cancer. This decade is the time that the body could begin to develop this cancer, and if caught in its early stages, it can be treated effectively.

You may also find some new challenges to your abilities and desires in the bedroom. Difficulty conceiving, erectile dysfunction, and other specific issues related to sexual function can take away from your quality of life. However, you can do something about these issues. Urology and reproductive medicine specialists offer straightforward solutions. All you have to do is set up an appointment.

Caring for and maintaining your body is crucial to your quality of life and will affect you in the years to come. Exercise, regular check-ups, eating well (or at least better), and being health-conscious will allow to you maximize stride through your 40s.

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