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Ophthalmologist Nishika Reddy, MD, Joins the Moran Eye Center

The John A. Moran Eye Center recently welcomed Nishika Reddy, MD, to its Midvalley Health Center location. A comprehensive ophthalmologist, she specializes in corneal and external eye diseases, including dry eye

“I’m particularly passionate about educating and treating patients with dry eye,” she says. “It presents in different ways can be a complicated, misunderstood condition. I feel that the more information I can share with patients, the better.”

Based on of her love of teaching patients about their disease processes, Reddy is also an active medical writer and editor, developing content for a wide range of therapeutic areas including surgery, pharmaceuticals, and ophthalmology. 

Prior to joining Moran, she practiced ophthalmology in Dayton Ohio, and was instrumental in directing and organizing free eye clinics for the uninsured at the Kansas City Free Eye Clinic. 

Reddy completed her combined bachelor of arts/medical degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, her ophthalmology residence at Tulane University, and her cornea fellowship at The Ohio State University. 

She enjoys traveling with her husband, reading, riding her Peloton, and exploring Salt Lake’s urban and mountain life in her free time. 

Nishika Reddy, MD
Nishika Reddy, MD