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  • University of Utah Announces a Transformational Gift for Oral Patient Care

    The University of Utah has announced a significant gift from the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation for the new Tye Noorda Oral Health Services Endowment in the School of Dentistry. In honor of Tye, this new endowment advances the couple’s vision for helping the most vulnerable within the community by providing Utah’s underserved communities with access to oral health care services.

  • American Association for Dental Research Profiles Olga J. Baker

    Dr. Baker is a standing member of the Oral, Dental and Craniofacial Sciences NIDCR Study Section. She also serves as a member of the University of Utah Academic and Executive Senate and Equity and Inclusion Committee in the School of Dentistry.

  • Graduation Video of the Class of 2017

    The Class of 2017 graduated on Saturday, May 20, 2017. Watch highlights from the event here.

  • U graduates its first class of future dentists

    Tears streamed down Rachel Smith's face as she paid tribute to each of her fellow University of Utah School of Dentistry graduates at Saturday morning's commencement ceremony. She and the 19 other class of 2017 members were the inaugural graduates from the U.'s School of Dentistry, the first new school or college added to the university in 50 years. The class had a 100 percent pass rate for the National Board Dental Examination and the Western Regional Examining Board and 13 of the graduates will continue their education through residencies and fellowships across the country.

  • U School of Dentistry Graduates First Class

    “Graduating in the first class feels like we are leaving a legacy — a legacy of collaboration, relationship building, and involvement that future classes will surely surpass,” said Amber Clark, one of the students expected to graduate.

  • School of Dentistry Offers Free Screenings

    More than 350 elementary school children in the Salt Lake City region received free dental screenings last December from University of Utah Health’s School of Dentistry. The check-ups were part of a special initiative, the Pediatric Oral Health Outreach Program, aimed at providing dental care for children within the Salt Lake City School District who otherwise could not afford it.

  • Meet the Graduates

    "Dental school anywhere is a wild adventure, but when you're in the first class at a brand new dental school, it's even more of a wild ride. There are ups and downs in the whole process, but it has been a really good experience and it's something that I would definitely do again." - Amber Clark, Class of 2017

  • School of Dentistry Graduates Its First-Ever Class

    This May, future dentists will toss their mortarboard hats into the air as the first cohort of students to graduate from the University of Utah’s School of Dentistry. The U’s first new school in more than 50 years has built an impressive reputation in its four short years; the inaugural class had the second-highest GPA for incoming dental students in the United States, all 20 students have passed their dental board exams and scored in the top 15 percent nationally, and all will practice dentistry either in private practice or with additional training.

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