One You. One University of Utah Health.

One You. One University of Utah Health.

Imagine getting the best health care that science has to offer, and right down the hall, some of the world’s brightest minds are working tirelessly to make it even better. Why are we here? To make your health more accessible, more affordable, and more precise than ever before—even if you just need a physical.

We are University of Utah Health. Our new brand and logo reflect exciting strides in our work—and our commitment to you. We're combining advances in research, education, and clinical care to bring you the best that health has to offer. 

#1 in Quality

We know that leading-edge innovations in health are important. But so is the care you and your family receive each and every day.

That’s why we’re rated number one in quality in the nation among academic medical centers according to Vizient, a data-driven consortium that measures outcomes for academic medical centers. Our superior ranking in quality is based on costs, safety, patient satisfaction scores, and how often our patients are readmitted or return to our hospital for our care.

Since 2010, we’ve consistently landed in the top 10 for excellence in quality and accountability—a promise we intend to keep.

You're devoted. You’re passionate. And so are we.

Precision Medicine

You’re uniquely you. And because of that, we know that caring for you isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. For the past 65 years, University of Utah Health has led the charge in genetic science and discovery.

At U of U Health, we translate genetic science into personalized care and wellness, making health care more precise than ever before.

We’ve mapped the human genome. With resources including the Utah Genome Project and the Utah Population Database, we’ve identified genes and risk factors for over 35 conditions—from heart arrhythmias to breast cancer. We’re setting global standards in predicting genetic conditions based on your unique genetic makeup.

And the timing of these discoveries couldn’t be better. With the costs of health care continuing to skyrocket, University of Utah Health is driven to improve outcomes and access to care as we deliver our promises to you on every dollar spent.

There’s only one you. Be treated that way. University of Utah Health.