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Moran Eye Center’s Operation Sight Day Restores Sight to 14 Patients

Dr. Stagg with an Operation Sight Day patient.
Operation Sight Day patient Kaufoou and her sister Losaline, left, speak with Brian C. Stagg, MD, following her successful cataract surgery.

John A. Moran Eye Center surgeons, medical personnel, and staff donated their time to restore vision to 14 Utahns in need of cataract surgery on Saturday, June 1, as part of the center’s Operation Sight program.

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens that impairs vision and leads to blindness. Surgery can correct the problem, but many low-income and uninsured Utahns cannot afford it. Without vision, they lose their ability to work, care for their families, and participate in the community.

Since its inception in 2012, Operation Sight has provided more than 800 surgeries. Among Saturday’s patients was 59-year-old Kaufoou, a disabled adult with no income who relies heavily on her family.

Her sister, Losaline, turned to Moran when Kaufoou needed help. She held her sister’s hand as she underwent the surgery.

“Today, Moran made Kaufoou’s quality of life so much better,” said Losaline. “We both love roses and now she can see and help in our garden. She also loves to help around the house and go to church. Now, she can make the most of all her favorite things. We are so happy and grateful!”

Also among the June patients: a 32-year-old new mother. Cytlali has diabetes and extremely compromised vision from cataracts in both eyes. She explained her poor vision made it a challenge to keep up with her 6-month-old.

Moran Eye Center doctors identify Operation Sight candidates as they hold local clinics for patients referred from partnering organizations including the Fourth Street Clinic, Maliheh Free Clinic, People’s Clinic, Salt Lake City’s Project Homeless Connect, the Refugee and Immigrant Center – Asian Association of Utah, the International Rescue Committee, and the Utah Navajo Health System. Surgeries are conducted throughout the year and at yearly weekend events like the one held in June.

Operation Sight is one of several local outreach clinics held through Moran’s Global Outreach Division. Others include:

•    Hope in Sight, ensuring new Americans can access eye care.
•    Retina Clinic, assisting patients with sight-threatening retinal diseases.
•    Navajo Nation, providing clinic and surgical care to Nation residents.
•    Project Homeless Connect, caring for the unhoused.

All the division’s work is funded solely by generous donors in the community.