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Story of our daughter's donation

An almost graduate from nursing school, Jena Bowman (24) felt strongly about being a donor. She was adamant that her family knew this was her wish and campaigned for others to also become donors. Driving back to school in Utah after spending Christmas 2022 in Arizona with her family, Jena hit black ice in the Spanish Fork Canyon, and slid into oncoming traffic. She died immediately. Even amidst the horror of this loss, her parents reached out to be sure her donation request would be honored. Due to the significance of her accident, the Bowman family felt another loss when they heard Jena’s organs were not in the condition needed for donation. Later, the Bowmans got the news that her corneas were able to be used. This brought a little comfort to her parents and five younger siblings. Her parents stated, “we hope someone, somewhere will have improved vision and life because of our daughter’s cornea and big heart”. 

Jena: Generous Donor
Bowman Family Christmas 2022
The Bowman Family Christmas 2022