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Levi 2003 – 2014

"My son and his dad were killed by a drunk driver just before Christmas 2014. Levi was 11 ½ years old and the youngest of 6 children. Levi taught me to let go of what doesn’t matter, of what I cannot control; he taught me patience, oh how he taught me patience. He taught me to see the good in all things and when your heart is full of happiness and love there is no room for hatred. Above all, this baby boy I never expected to have, this young man that exceeded my expectations in his short life, Levi taught me to take the time to see the world and this journey we call life through the innocent eyes of a child. That is my prayer for you, as you continue your incredible journey through life, that you will forever see it through the eyes of a child, that you will find joy in all that comes your way, and you will spread that joy and happiness to everyone around you."

~ Love from a Mum, Rhonda