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Department of Nursing

About Us

The Department of Nursing spans five hospitals and 12 health centers and accounts for 43% of University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics team members. We are committed to providing the highest standard of care for our patients by leveraging discovery, education, leadership, and technology to advance excellence in our practice and the nursing profession.

We are here to support our patients, community, and you—our future nursing team members. Join our pursuit of nursing excellence today.


People in the Department of Nursing


Of UUH nurses have a BSN or higher


Different job roles

Our Mission

To transform lives through compassion, innovation, and excellence in health care and professional nursing practice.

Our Vision

Working together to advance health, lives, and communities.

Our Values

Nursing Department Values: Integrity, Patient Centered, Respect, Safety, Well-Being

Our Strategic Priorities

Patient Centered


  • Cultivate our authentic connections with patients, families, and each other
  • Coordinate care across all disciplines and settings

Advance & Innovate Practice

  • Lead nursing research 
  • Ensure standardized, evidence-based care

Engaged Experts

Learn & Grow

  • Support life-long learning and deliver training and education for every transition
  • Provide purposeful and diverse career paths to sustain passion and engagement

Support the Community

  • Engage in community partnerships to advance the health and wellness of our communities
  • Share our expertise and knowledge widely

Systems Thinking

Foster Ownership

  • Build a consistent and purposeful shared governance practice


  • Streamline our work
  • Provide an exceptional team experience
  • Create alignment with academic partners

Foundational Values

Culture of Belonging |  Nursing Excellence  |  Safe & Just Workplace  |  Well-Being

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