Behavioral medicine services at Pain Management Center are provided by licensed psychologists who have training in applying psychological knowledge and techniques to the management of chronic pain. A variety of services are offered to assess and address personal, medical, interpersonal, and behavioral issues that are important to the understanding and management of chronic pain.

Behavioral medicine services start with a comprehensive evaluation followed by a tailored menu of services to teach patients about their pain and how to manage or respond to it. 

Specific Services

Some of the specific services we offer include:

  • Relaxation training to provide self-soothing techniques.
  • Mindfulness meditation to increase awareness of body and mood.
  • Guided imagery to learn distraction and healing skills.
  • Sleep hygiene to address sleep problems.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for management of depression and anxiety.
  • Education on pain and the impact of psychosocial factors on the experience of pain.
  • Pacing and management of activity to avoid pain flares.
  • Interpersonal skills, such as communication, assertion, and handling difficult people to reduce interpersonal stress.
  • Anger management to avoid emotional and pain flares.
  • Resilience training to increase the ability to cope with loss or unexpected challenges.
  • Relapse prevention and flare up planning.

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