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Pre-Visit Checklist: Complete Digitally Before Your Appointment

Speed Up Your Appointment: Complete Your Pre-Visit Checklist via Phone or Online

Before you arrive at your appointment you can complete your pre-visit checklist. Complete this checklist by logging in to your MyChart account and check and update your information if necessary.

On December 4, 2022, you will not need have a MyChart account. Any patient can complete their previsit checklist online.

On the day of your appointment, when you arrive at the clinic, you can finish your check-in at the front desk or a kiosk. We will ask you to verify your identification by showing us a photo ID.

You can complete your pre-visit checklist anywhere from seven days to 30 minutes before your appointment.

Verify and Update Your Information in MyChart

Use MyChart to complete your pre-visit checklist before your appointment. Completing this pre-visit checklist will save time when you check-in at your appointment:

  • Review and verify your basic information (demographic information).
  • Electronically sign the conditional agreement, HIPAA acknowledgement, and coinsurance letter if necessary.
  • Review/update and verify your insurance information.
  • Pay the copay for your visit.
  • Make a payment towards a previous balance on your account.
  • Review/update and verify your:
    • medications,
    • allergies, and
    • medical history.
  • Answer any questionnaires related to your appointment.

Login to Your MyChart Account

To begin, open your MyChart account. Click Update Information on your appointment listing.

Image showing the screen after sign in for MyChart

Complete Your Pre-Visit Checklist

Step 1: Updating Your Information (Demographic Info)

After signing in to MyChart, you will verify your information. You have the chance to make any updates or changes in your information as well. These updates will then automatically update in our electronic medical records system.


Step 2: Sign Related Documents

After reviewing your information, you will have some documents to sign, such as the HIPAA agreement (privacy information).

If you choose to sign the forms later, you will have to complete them when you arrive for your appointment.


Step 3: Verify or Confirm Insurance Information

For this step you will need to review and confirm your insurance information. If you request any changes, we will process them after you have updated the information.

Step 4: Pay Your Copay

After you verify your insurance, you can pay the copay for the visit.  If the copay amount is not correct, select Pay Copay Later. If you select Pay Copay Later, you can pay your copay at the clinic or health center.


You will also have the option here to make a payment towards a previous balance on your account.

Don’t Have Insurance?

Learn about your options here.

Step 5: Verify or Update Medications, Allergies, and Your Medical History

In this step you can: 

  • review your medications,
  • select a pharmacy,
  • review any allergies, and
  • review your medical history.

Step 6: Add or update allergies.


Medicare Coverage: Complete Medicare Secondary Payment Questionnaire if Needed

If you have Medicare coverage and have not completed the Medicare Secondary Payment Questionnaire, (MSPQ), you will have the option to complete it. If you don’t complete the MSPQ, you will need to complete it when you arrive at the clinic.

Image showing MyChart screen where you can fill out information related to your Medicare coverage

Next Steps

On the day of your appointment, when you arrive at the clinic, you can stop by the front desk or a kiosk. We will ask you to verify your identification by showing us a photo ID.

Image showing the MyChart screen with your next steps

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment! If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call your health center or clinic.