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Making Emergency Room Visits Memorable — For All The Right Reasons.

Selfie of Airaka Price

Airaka Price of Saratoga Springs is an optical manager and optician for Warby Parker. She additionally leads their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives for the Mountain West District.

When she recently woke up with chest pains that made every move and breath difficult, Airaka knew a visit to the doctor was inevitable—this time to the emergency room at South Jordan Health Center.

After arriving, Airaka was quickly seen.

"The entire team actually listened to me, letting me speak without interrupting,” Airaka said. “I was treated with respect. They took my concerns seriously and didn't make me feel stupid."

"The nurses, doctor, and CNA were incredibly nice,” Airaka continued. “They immediately put me at ease. I was nervous while getting an ultrasound of my leg, so the CNA offered to stay in the room with me and gave me blankets to keep me comfortable." 
Airaka Price, patient

The ultrasound, an MRI, and an x-ray of her lungs all came back negative.

The chest pain was determined to be caused by stress in Airaka's life — not too surprising, given her busy work schedule.

A relieved Airaka said, "They told me I'm actually super healthy. Given my last two years of health, this was great news! I always have a good experience when I go to the U." 

Moving confidently forward, Airaka added, "To reduce stress, I now take time for myself; with meditating, yoga, singing, and spending time in nature."

It was inspiring to hear about Airaka's positive experience with our health care teams.

We're committed to deliver the level of care Airaka received to all of our patients, with each and every visit.