In a Split Second, Man Risks His Life to Save Stranger


They say life can change in an instance. No one knows that more than Keenan Pearson. On his way home from work one stormy October night, Keenan lost control of his vehicle. As he careened into another car that had also spun out due to the slippery road conditions, his first thought was to ensure that the other driver was safe.

As Keenan and the other driver frantically talked and called 911, they realized that yet another car was sliding down the hill and heading directly for them. Without hesitation, Keenan threw the woman out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. Although he was struck by the car; lost a leg; has endured multiple surgeries; and has a long, painful recovery ahead of him—Keenan doesn’t regret his decision to save the other driver’s life for a single second.

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