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Refer a Patient to Pediatric Neurology

Evaluation & Fast Track Clinic

Depending on the needs of the patient, there are different ways to refer to neurology.

New Neurology Evaluation

Submit a request online or by fax via For Referring Physicians.

Once we receive this information, our staff will contact the family to schedule the appointment. Alternatively, once the referral is received, patients or their families can call to schedule an appointment for themselves.

Fast Track Clinic

Patients with NEW SEIZURES can be seen in the Fast Track Clinic, which has a much shorter wait time than other new patient appointments. To qualify for Fast Track, patients must meet all three of the following criteria:

  1. New onset seizures or concern for seizure
  2. Four weeks of age or older (if younger, then go directly to Emergency Department)
  3. Not seen in our pediatric neurology clinic or evaluated by the inpatient neurology team at PCH within the past three years. if seen within the past three years, ask parents to Contact your Neurologist or Schedule an Appointment for follow up, or the provider can Contact a Neurologist.

To refer to Fast Track, use the referral process above and specify, 'Fast Track Clinic.'

Admissions & Urgent Issues


If you believe your patient needs to be admitted to the hospital for an urgent neurological problem, please call our admit line, 801-66ADMIT (801-662-3648). The receptionist will get all of the necessary people on the line with you (including the neurologist) to facilitate the admission.

Urgent Issues

If your patient has an urgent neurological issue not requiring admission but potentially requiring an urgent appointment, please Contact a neurologist to discuss the best course of action.


Contact a neurologist if you have questions about this process or concerns not addressed above.

Contact a Neurologist

Weekdays: Call 801-587-7575, select the Physician Line option.

For urgent (but not emergent) medical concerns that require prompt attention or an urgent appointment, but not admission to the hospital, ask to speak with the neurologist on-call. The receptionist will immediately contact the appropriate neurologist or practitioner who will return your call within 30 minutes. For admission to the hospital please see how to refer for “Admissions and Urgent Issues.”

For non-urgent concerns, such as medication dose changes, coordination of care issues etc, ask to leave a message for a specific provider.

New! Message Log Peds Neurology

Do you use the Help2 Electronic Medical Record? If so, you can send a non-urgent question via Message Log: ‘pedsUofU, neurology.’ This inbox is checked daily by an attending neurologist. See the screen shot below to see how to add us as a clinician/provider.

new Message log

After hours, nights, weekends and holidays: Call PCMC 801-662-1000

Ask to page the on-call neurologist. The on-call neurologist or neurology resident can help you with urgent neurological problems that can’t wait until the next working day. The on call provider can be very busy; he/she will return your call as soon as possible.


Contact us at 801-213-3599 or send a Message log to Peds Neurology.