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Functional Nasal Surgery & Nasal Valve Repair (Septoplasty)

Improve Your Breathing or Change Your Nose’s Size & Shape

Functional nasal surgery includes any surgery that’s performed on the outside or inside of your nose. Functional nasal surgery is a common type of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. It's used to:

  • improve breathing,
  • correct differences that have been present since birth (congenital differences),
  • change the shape and size of the nose, or
  • repair nose injuries.

Sometimes a surgeon may use a skin flap from your forehead as part of the procedure. Learn more about flap reconstruction.

What Is Septoplasty/Nasal Valve Repair?

Septoplasty is a nasal surgery that changes and reconstructs the partition (wall or divide) between your nostrils, also called your septum. Having a deviated septum, where your nasal partition is not straight, can make it difficult to breath.

Septoplasty also corrects cleft defects like cleft lip and cleft palate.

If you would like to consult with a specialist about nasal surgery, you can request a consultation today.

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