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Broken Hand Bones

People often fracture their hand after traumatic injuries. Hand fractures can cause pain and swelling around the fracture. Fractures can also change the position of your fingers. Hand fractures are usually closed, meaning that the bone does not protrude (poke) through the skin.

Treating a Broken/Fractured Hand

Doctors look at many factors when deciding whether they should use surgery or not to treat a hand fracture. Doctors will give a physical examination to evaluate the position of the fingers and their range of motion. Hand X-rays allow doctors to understand how severe a fracture is and determine if surgery is needed.

If a patient doesn’t need surgery, the patient’s hands are usually placed in a protective splint for several weeks, allowing bones to heal on their own.

If surgery is needed, surgeons may hold bones in place with pins which are removed later, or with permanent plates or screws.

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