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Jon and Karen Huntsman Make $41 Million Donation to Cancer Research

Salt Lake City—Officials at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah today announced a gift of $41 million from Utah philanthropists Jon and Karen Huntsman.

  “Except for my family and faith, there is no cause more important to me than fighting cancer,” Jon M. Huntsman said in presenting the donation. “I have committed the rest of my life to doing all I can to support clinical and research efforts to eliminate this disease. We are so pleased with the great work performed by Huntsman Cancer Institute in preventing cancer, caring for those who suffer, and searching for a cure. We feel blessed to be in a position to increase our support for this life-saving work.”

 HCI CEO and Director, Mary Beckerle, Ph.D., said, “I would like to express my deep appreciation to Jon and Karen Huntsman, who have demonstrated, once again, their unparalleled devotion to finding a cure for cancer. HCI would not exist without the vision, commitment, and remarkable generosity of the Huntsman family. This gift of $41 million positions us to greatly accelerate our efforts and our impact.

Beckerle also acknowledged that “this contribution is in addition to the Huntsman family’s previous gifts of approximately $300 million to HCI since it was founded in 1995. With these funds, plus grants and other contributions, nearly $1 billion has been invested towards the fight against cancer in Utah.”

University of Utah President, Michael K. Young, said, “Jon and Karen Huntsman are without peer in their fight against cancer and in their commitment to relieve the pain and suffering of this insidious disease. They serve as a remarkable, extraordinary source for good. Through their own hard work and exceptional success and, through the wonderful work of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, they have improved the human condition in the most literal of ways. Their generosity and leadership are inspirational and truly amazing.”