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U of U Celebrates Major Expansion of Neuropsychiatric Institute

SALT LAKE CITY – The University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) celebrated a major expansion on August 23, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new, expanded building includes a youth facility, 80 new inpatient beds, special areas for patients with developmental disorders such as autism, a labyrinth for meditation, and an MRI to be used for brain-imaging research.

The new building will provide much needed space for patients facing mental health and substance abuse issues. “There is a critical need for inpatient psychiatric treatment in our community – and it continues to grow. Our facility is always full and there is a waiting list for many acutely ill patients. This is particularly serious for adolescents and school-age children,” says Ross Van Vranken, executive director of UNI.

UNI provides a comprehensive approach to the treatment of mental illness. Board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, nurses, therapists, teachers, and pharmacists work together to provide team care.

UNI is committed to de-stigmatizing mental illness through clinical care, collaborative research, and education related to behavioral and mental health. Doctors are actively engaged in teaching and research to deliver the latest advances in psychiatry.

UNI treats the complete age spectrum, providing child, adolescent, adult and geriatric psychiatric care. Inpatient care is provided for acute mental illness and substance abuse issues. Outpatient care and therapy is available for patients with mental illness, psychiatric conditions, developmental disorders such as autism, mood disorders, substance abuse issues, and behavioral problems, including programs for troubled children and teens.