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Business Insider Ranks University of Utah Medical School Among the 25 Best

Business Insider magazine released their list of the 25 best medical schools in the nation -- and the University Of Utah School Of Medicine comes in at number 14. That ranking was higher than several other notable names on the list including Duke University, Harvard University, and Mayo Medical School, to name a few.

A panel of 15 doctors was responsible for the Business Insider rankings, based largely on which schools they view as training the best primary care doctors in the nation. The survey notes that 37% of Utah's students match into primary care specialties on average, and that Utah's most popular residency program is in internal medicine.

"The rankings reflect University of Utah's commitment to giving our students an excellent foundation in primary care," says Vivian Lee, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., dean of the School of Medicine. "A more coordinated model of health care is unfolding for the future—one that demands better integration between providers and closer partnerships with patients. Tomorrow's providers will succeed with a strong basis in primary care." The rankings also recognize the breadth of the areas of study being done here, running the gamut from molecular biology to professionalism and ethics.

The University of Utah Medical School was established in 1905. It now is home to 16 clinical departments and 6 basic science departments. For more information about the school visit