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Negative Pressure Tents Set Up in Preparation for COVID-19 Cases

Mar 12, 2020
COVID-19 Prep Tents

In preparation for COVID-19 cases and in response to Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s State of Emergency Declaration, negative pressure tents have been set up outside University of Utah Hospital. Potential COVID-19 patients can be screened in the free-standing facility without the risk of spread to others. Patients will receive the same care as they would in University Hospital.

The tents include negative pressure systems to help control disease outbreaks. Outside air is allowed in and ran through HEPA filters. The air is then cleaned and recirculated 15 to 17 times per hour. The air inside the tent does not leave the space. This protects everyone else from exposure. “The negative pressure tents are a sign of University of Utah Health’s readiness in the event of an outbreak like COVID-19,” says Kathy Wilets, director of public relations.

Negative pressure tents can be used for any event that requires University Hospital to exceed its internal capacity. If an outbreak occurs, more tents could be erected as needed. “This is a proactive approach,” says Phil Chaffee, senior director of emergency management. “We have a plan, and we are continuously working to improve our plan so we can take care of our community.”

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