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Temperature Screening Added to Wellness Check Protocol at University of Utah Health


In response to the continued management of COVID-19 at University of Utah Health, temperature screenings will take place for all patients, visitors, faculty, and staff upon entering University of Utah Hospital. Temperature screenings have been embedded into U of U Health's wellness check protocol, which has been in place at all University of Utah Health centers and clinics to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Patients and visitors may experience a line or queue at the entrance of U of U Hospital, where signage indicates a required temperature screening using an infrared thermometer. Medical assistants, along with customer service employees and security, will be stationed to take temperatures. Those screened with a temperature greater than 100.0º F will not be admitted inside U of U Hospital, nor any other University of Utah Health center or clinic. Patients and visitors will be referred to their primary care provider.

The revised wellness check protocol at U of U Health will help identify and prevent potential illness from COVID-19, keeping patients, visitors, faculty, and staff safe from contracting the virus. "Temperature screenings provide an additional layer of safety in helping prevent community spread," said Alison Flynn Gaffney, executive director of Service Lines, Ancillary, and Support Services. "At University of Utah Health, we want to ensure a safe environment at all our health care facilities."