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U Of U Health Receives Nrc Health’s Prestigious Consumer Loyalty Award

University of Utah Health has been named to NRC Health’s Top Consumer Loyalty List, and is one of only ten systems nationally receiving the highest mark of consumer approval, the “Best in Class” distinction, the organization has announced.

Consumer Loyalty Award winners had to achieve an extraordinarily high score on NRC Health’s Loyalty Index, a composite of seven different critical aspects of consumer loyalty. The 2021 Consumer Loyalty Award winners were announced on August 4th at the 27th Annual NRC Health Symposium in Nashville.

 “This award recognizes our effort, dedication, and ongoing commitment to health care that is centered around the needs of our patients, their families and our communities. To achieve loyalty, every member of our team is needed to build trust at each step of a patient’s health care journey,” said Mari Ransco, senior director of patient experience for U of U Health. “The NRC ‘Best in Class’ distinction award recognizes the work of every member of our health care delivery team, from those who care directly for patients to those who care for patients behind the scenes.”

The NRC Health Loyalty Index is a single score calculated from consumer data collected on each of the seven aspects of loyalty that NRC Health has identified as providing a holistic, comprehensive view of healthcare-consumer loyalty. These seven aspects are access, brand score, engagement, need, motivation, experience, and Net Promoter Score (NPS). With these metrics, healthcare organizations can compare their performance to that of their peers, and observe trends and make adjustments over time in an effort to increase consumer loyalty.

Click here to learn more about the NRC Health Loyalty Index and to see the full list of 2021 Consumer Loyalty Award winners.