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Rapid Access Contraception Clinic Available to University of Utah Health Patients

Erika A. Sullivan
Erika Sullivan, MD, is a family medicine physician and director of the Rapid Access Contraception (RAC) Clinic at University of Utah Health

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Faster access to contraceptive care is now available to University of Utah Health patients through the Rapid Access Contraception (RAC) Clinic.

U of U Health has seen an increase in demand for contraception services. The RAC Clinic will help meet these needs by providing short-term and long-term contraceptive care in a timely manner to patients.

"At University of Utah Health, we want to make sure that everyone within our community has rapid access to all contraceptive care," says Erika Sullivan, M.D., a family medicine physician and director of the RAC Clinic at U of U Health. "A patient who needs contraceptive services can now be seen within days instead of having to wait for months."

The RAC Clinic helps patients who have an immediate need for contraception find the first available provider in the U of U Health system. The new service searches among a variety of providers in Women’s Health Services and Family Medicine.

Through the RAC Clinic, U of U Health can provide better access to primary care by eliminating barriers and ensuring there is no delay to important health services and resources.

"Accessing reliable reproductive health care, especially contraceptive care, is more important than ever," Sullivan says. "Changes to the demographics of Utah and the Wasatch Front over the past two years have made it harder to access primary reproductive services in a timely fashion. This is due to a lot of factors, including population growth and health care providers leaving the workforce."

The clinic also provides a learning opportunity to University of Utah family medicine residents who can learn contraceptive care and offer these services to their patients after they graduate.

Patients can make an appointment through MyChart by "scheduling a special service" or call Care Navigation at 801-213-9500.