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Select Health Update

Dear Valued Patient,

We want to inform you about an important update concerning University of Utah Health’s inclusion in your Select Health Medicare Advantage plan. Our contract to be “in-network” is currently under negotiation and will end on March 31, 2024.  If a new agreement is not reached, University of Utah Health may no longer be part of your Select Health Medicare Advantage plan's "in-network" care providers. This means you might face higher out-of-pocket costs to get care with us or may need to find other Select Health-approved doctors and hospitals.

Please note- this negotiation only impacts Select Health Medicare Advantage Plan members. If you have another Select Health plan, your care will be unchanged.

We know this situation may be upsetting and confusing. Please know we are here to support you through any changes and will do everything we can to ensure you continue receiving excellent care.

We recommend you contact Select Health directly about qualifying conditions and coverage using the phone number on your insurance identification (ID) card. We also encourage you contact your broker about options to switch plans to other carriers that include U of U Health. If you are a Medicare Advantage member, you may consider exploring other options during the Open Enrollment Period in the first three months of 2024.

University of Utah Health has been dedicated to top-quality health care for almost 60 years, always prioritizing our patients and communities across Utah and the region. We hope to come to a new agreement with Select Health soon so you can keep receiving in-network care at University of Utah Health.

University of Utah Health

FAQ for Patients

1. Should I switch plans? 

If you are a Medicare Advantage member, we encourage you to contact your agent or broker for information and options about plans that have access to U of U Health. Medicare allows enrollees to make election changes to a different plan from January 1 to March 31 of each calendar year, under certain conditions. This is called “Open Enrollment Period.”   If you do not have an agent or broker, feel free to contact Steve Bithell at (801) 792- 3268.

2. What does out-of-network mean? 

Being out-of-network on a health insurance plan means you may pay more out-of-pocket compared to seeing a provider who is in- network.  

3. What if I’m seeing a specialist for a chronic condition?

Patients with some conditions can continue “in-network” treatment for a limited time but they may be asked to connect with  Select Health  for permission to receive this continuity of care.

Please contact Select Health for more information or clarification about qualifying conditions and coverage).

4. What if I have an emergency and I’m taken to University of Utah Hospital? 

If you are experiencing an emergency you should go to the nearest emergency room. Your care will be covered as though you are in-network regardless of which hospital you visit.  

5. Who do I talk to at Select Health to find new providers? 

For information about transitioning to new providers, you can contact Select Health by calling the number on the back of your Select Health member ID card. 

6. Should I contact my provider at U of U Health to see if I can continue seeing him/her? 

Please call the number on the back of your Select Health member ID for more information about continuing your care at U of U Health or transitioning to new providers.  

7. I have a surgery scheduled after April 1st. Will I need to pay higher out-of-pocket costs? 

Please call the number on the back of your Select Health member ID card to confirm benefit and coverage implications. 

8. I will be in the hospital before March 31st and after April 1st. Will I need to pay more out-of-pocket costs? 

If your elective (not urgent) surgical care begins before March 31st and extends beyond April 1st, your hospital stay will be covered as though it’s in-network. Non-elective (urgent) surgeries are covered, but you should contact Select Health a for specific information about your coverage. 

If you are in a course of treatment at U of U Health, please contact Select Health  for specific information about your care and the cost of your care.