Article Date
American College of Medical Informatics Honors Dr. Julio Facelli 12/19/2014
Cardiologist Awarded Master Clinician Award 12/19/2014
Meth Users Face Higher Risk for Parkinson's Disease 12/17/2014
Human DNA Shows Traces of 40 Million-Year Battle For Survival Between Primate and Pathogen 12/11/2014
Utah Jazz Announce Exclusive Partnership with University of Utah Health Care 12/10/2014
New Research Shows Fewer Deaths Related to RSV than Previously Thought 12/09/2014
University of Utah Spin-Off to Speed Discovery of Orphan Drugs 12/08/2014
Research on a Rare Cancer Exposes Possible Route to New Treatments 12/02/2014
Bam.iobio: An Interactive, Real-Time, Sequence Alignment Inspector App 11/25/2014
Genetic Variation Protects Against Major Cause of Strokes--Cervical Artery Dissection 11/24/2014
U of Utah Students Win 2nd at National Inventor Competition 11/19/2014
Are Ear Infections Overtreated in White Children? 11/17/2014
Games4Health Challenges Awarding More Than $30,000 11/13/2014
Treating the Transgender Community 11/11/2014
Harvard Business Review Highlights UUHC's Transparency Efforts 11/10/2014
University of Utah Doctors on Team to Study Genetic Causes of Male Infertility 11/07/2014
University of Utah Hospital Among First Selected for American College of Cardiology Patient Navigator Program 11/07/2014
Professor Honored as Health Care Ambassador by Danish Princess 11/06/2014
'Rewriting' the Way to Make Natural Drug Compounds 11/05/2014
Success of University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Draws Impressive Grant Support 11/04/2014
Changes in Scores of Genes Linked to Autism 11/01/2014
Willard H. Dere, M.D., to Lead Program in Personalized Health 10/31/2014
Rewiring Metabolism Slows Cancer Growth 10/30/2014
University of Utah Health Care to be Inducted in 2014 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame 10/28/2014
University of Utah Health Care Best in Class Five Years Running 10/24/2014
Pituitary Tumors Signal Risks for Other Cancers in Extended Families 10/23/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Receives $1MM Funding to Study Triple Negative Breast Cancer 10/23/2014
University of Utah Health Care Summit on Transgender Health Seeks to Improve Relationships Between Health Care Providers and Transgender Population 10/22/2014
University of Utah Welcomes Several New Health Care Leaders 10/21/2014
On/Off Switches for Inflammation 10/21/2014
Resetting the Circadian Clock: Shift Workers Might Want to Skip High-Iron Foods at Night 10/21/2014
Health Fair for Our Diverse Neighbors 10/11/2014
Researchers Look Inside to Reveal Workings of Powerful Biochemical Switch 10/09/2014
University of Utah Health Plans and Molina Healthcare of Utah Partner to Offer New Advantage Product 10/09/2014
Clinical Neurosciences Center Honored 10/09/2014
Not Your Average Groundbreaking 10/08/2014
University of Utah Surgeons Perform World's Smallest Liver-Kidney Transplant to Save Toddler's Life 10/07/2014
A Universal Ebola Drug Target 10/07/2014
White House Highlights New Neuroscience Initiative for Supporting Goals of Obama's BRAIN Initiative 09/30/2014
U Neurologist Receives Seven-Year Research Grant Towards Neurodegenerative Diseases 09/30/2014
Benzodiazepine sedatives linked to higher rates of mortality compared to propofol 09/29/2014
University Joins Network to Study Rare Liver Diseases in Children 09/29/2014
University of Utah Health Sciences Names Satoshi Minoshima as New Chair of Radiology 09/29/2014
Utah Doctor of the Year 09/26/2014
A Throwback to House Calls: Doctors from University of Utah Health Care Making the Rounds to New Moms at Home 09/26/2014
Looking Beyond the Diagnosis: U. of U. Nursing Professor Seeks Grassroots Approach to Health Care 09/25/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Adds Distinguished New Members to External Advisory Board 09/22/2014
Simple Changes Give Clinic's Immunization Rates a Booster Shot 09/22/2014
When Mitochondria Don't Get Moving, Motor Neuron Disease May Develop 09/19/2014
U of U Doctors Perform First of its Kind in Utah Aortic Valve Surgery 09/17/2014
A Better Way to Teach Evolution? There's an App for That 09/12/2014
Get to Know Gordon Crabtree 09/12/2014
Scalpel or Scope? Cutting Health Care Costs One Appendix at a Time 09/11/2014
Sublette County Rural Healthcare District and University of Utah Health Care Team Up to Improve Access to Medical Specialists in Wyoming 09/02/2014
Mouse Model Provides Window into the Working Brain 08/28/2014
The Flight of a Lifetime 08/27/2014
Making of Mirror-Image Protein Has Applications for Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology 08/25/2014
8,000-Year-Old Mutation Key to Human Life at High Altitudes 08/17/2014
Utes Football Team Helps Save Lives 08/06/2014
Discovery of Protein's Role in Making Platelets May Aid Multiple Myeloma Patients 07/27/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Receives Funding to Establish a National Clinical Trials Network Site 07/17/2014
University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics Named Top in Utah 07/15/2014
University of Utah Health Care Statement in Support of Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah Plan 07/11/2014
University of Utah Health Care Named 2014 Most Wired 07/09/2014
Renowned Scholar, Educator, David H. Perrin, Ph.D., Named New Dean of College of Health 07/08/2014
NeuroVersity Launches Pilot Project for Students with Autism 07/08/2014
Partnership with Spinoff Company May Soon Lead to Clinical Trials of Metabolic Syndrome Drug 07/03/2014
$5,000,000 Gift Cancer with Women 07/02/2014
Do Fireworks Lead to Poor Air Quality? 07/01/2014
Making a Difference in the Fight Against Infectious Diseases for Kids 06/27/2014
Study Shows Early Post-Surgical Visits to Primary Care Physicians Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions 06/25/2014
A New Tool to Confront Lung Cancer 06/19/2014
UUHC Marketing Recognized as Top in Nation 06/17/2014
UDOH Campaign Urges HPV Vaccine 06/13/2014
Two Utah Doctors Selected for ELAM Fellowship 06/10/2014
USTAR Chemical Biologist Is Developing Tactics to Outsmart Diabetes 06/09/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Breaks Ground for New $105 Million Research Expansion 06/09/2014
Four New Genes Confirmed to Increase Familial Breast Cancer Risk 06/04/2014
Pew Foundation Features Nels C. Elde, Ph.D., in Interview on His Research 06/03/2014
Harvard Business Review Praises University of Utah Health Care as Leader in Physician Engagement 06/02/2014
Restored Funds for CPR Training May Keep Your Heart Beating Someday 06/02/2014
University Hospital Listed as 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Engagement 05/30/2014
Reduced Kidney Function Linked to Higher Risk of Renal, Urothelial Cancer 05/30/2014
Powerful New Tool Combs Family Genomes to Identify Disease-Causing Variations 05/29/2014
University of Utah PA Wins Award for Humanitarian Work 05/22/2014
The Young Sperm, Poised for Greatness 05/18/2014
Mice With MS-Like Condition Walk Again After Human Stem Cell Treatment 05/15/2014
Researchers Show Gene Variation Associated with Rare Heart Problem in Children 05/14/2014
Happy Hospital Week 05/14/2014
The Politics of Nursing 05/12/2014
Dianne Fuller Wins 2014 Dare to Care Award 05/12/2014
Utah Population Database Helps Glaucoma Researcher Learn More About Disease 05/07/2014
University of Utah's M.E. Hartnett Presents on ROP at ARVO 05/07/2014
New Information about Usher Syndrome 05/06/2014
Stop Shouting at Me: Why Clear Speech Can Sound Angry 05/06/2014
Randall J. Olson Receives 2014 Rosenblatt Prize 05/02/2014
University of Utah Health Care Named Corporate Volunteer of the Year by Utah Food Bank 04/25/2014
University of Utah Health Care and Staff Honored With Several Prestigious Awards 04/25/2014
Grant to Support Software for Tailored Cancer Treatments 04/25/2014
University of Utah Biochemist Awarded Prestigious Herbert Sober Lectureship 04/24/2014
Findings From Lippert Investigation Released 04/23/2014
University of Utah Moran Eye Center Research Team Helps Identify Drug That Restores Sight to Patients With Obesity-Linked Blindness 04/22/2014
University of Utah Health Care Online Physician Reviews Continue to Lead Transparency Efforts in Academic Medicine 04/22/2014
Robert Marc of University of Utah's Moran Eye Center Given 2014 Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research 04/22/2014
Diagnosed at Last: Phevor Software IDs Disease-Causing Gene Mutations in 3 Children 04/21/2014
University of Utah Ophthalmologist to Receive Top Honor for Vision Research 04/17/2014
U. Hosts International Stroke Genetics Conference 04/16/2014
Student Inventors Win More than $71,000 at Bench-to-Bedside Competition 04/11/2014
Study: At 1 in 54 Children, Utah Autism Prevalence Rate Holds Steady at 2 Percent 04/09/2014
Air Pollution's Dirty Secret: Higher Risk for Suicide in the Salt Lake Valley 04/08/2014
University of Utah Hosts Second Annual Air Quality Retreat 04/07/2014
University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Bench-to-Bedside Competition Highlights Student Entrepreneurship 04/02/2014
A Brain Region for Resisting Alcohol's Allure 04/02/2014
University of Utah Personalized Health Care Symposium Highlights Changing World of Medicine, Fosters Discussion on Solutions for Challenging Times 04/01/2014
Catherine R. deVries Honored at Annual National Physician of the Year Awards 03/31/2014
A Way to End Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections? Study Gives Hope 03/25/2014
Colonoscopy Isn't Perfect: About 6% of Colorectal Cancers Are Missed 03/20/2014
Center on Aging Retreat: A 'Life Course' Approach to Understanding How People Age Healthily 03/18/2014
From DNA to Diagnosis: U of U, USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery to Integrate Genome Data into Patient Care 03/18/2014
Sloan Research Fellowship awarded to U of U Researcher Adam Douglass 03/18/2014
Khan Academy competition 03/17/2014
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates National Poison Prevention Week 03/14/2014
Poor Antibiotic Prescribing Putting Hospital Patients at Risk for Deadly Infections 03/10/2014
Utah Brain Awareness Week: Touching Brains and Captivating Minds 03/10/2014
Loss of Antioxidant Protein Nrf2 Represses Regeneration of Muscle Lost from Aging 03/08/2014
University of Utah to Host Lecture on Genetic Basis and Patient Treatment of Epilepsy 03/05/2014
National Drug Shortages Threatening Patient Care 02/27/2014
More Patients Turning to University of Utah Health Care for Life-Saving Liver Transplants 02/27/2014
ARUP CEO Selected as Trustee to American Board of Pathology 02/25/2014
Our View - Utahns Need Access to Affordable Health Insurance 02/24/2014
Building a Better Mouse (Model) to Study Pancreatic Cancer 02/23/2014
Utah Study Shows MRI Heart Imaging Improves Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation 02/05/2014
New Religious Brain Project Seeks to Uncover Brain Activation During Religious and Spiritual Experiences 02/04/2014
National Poll Shows Public Divided on Genetic Testing to Predict Risk 02/04/2014
Researchers Seek Patient Input for Study on Improving Surgical Care Coordination 02/04/2014
Update on Brazilian Olympic Athlete Lais Souza 01/29/2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society receives $40,000 grant from UCAIR to develop video game app 01/17/2014
Golden Celebration: University of Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science Observes 50th Anniversary of Clinical Services Core 01/13/2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society Announces inaugural Round of Grants to Study Air Pollution Issues 01/07/2014
New Cell Mechanism Discovery 01/03/2014