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University of Utah Health Announces “First Year Free” Scholarship Initiative for Pharmacy Students Entering the Program in Fall 2023


University of Utah Health today announced the “First Year Free” scholarship initiative for all first-year PharmD students entering the four-year College of Pharmacy program in Fall 2023.

Thanks to a generous grant from The ALSAM Foundation, founded by L. S. and Aline W. Skaggs, the University of Utah College of Pharmacy will now offer one-year, full-tuition scholarships to all first-year students, beginning in Fall 2023.

First Year Free scholarships will be available to first-year students regardless of residency status and will slash the overall tuition cost of a four-year PharmD degree by 25 percent. After their first year, non-resident students in the PharmD program may qualify for in-state tuition until they graduate. Additionally, students may still apply for other earned scholarship opportunities for years two through four.

“As the first pharmacy school in the U.S. to provide full-tuition scholarships to all first-year students, we expect this initiative will quickly make the U a destination for top students from around the nation,” said Randall T. Peterson, PhD, dean, University of Utah College of Pharmacy. “Our students are already among the best. The First Year Free initiative will ensure that tradition continues long into the future.”

In addition to reducing the financial burden on new pharmacy students, First Year Free will help accomplish several key goals for the college:

  • Improving access to PharmD education for students from underrepresented communities
  • Increasing the size of the PharmD recruiting pool
  • Growing national distinction, and
  • Enhancing faculty recruitment

“Perhaps now more than ever, society needs more pharmacists,” says Michael Good, MD, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences at the University of Utah and CEO of U of U Health. “These highly trained health care providers are critical to patient care and to developing medicines that will improve health outcomes. First Year Free adds to the already incredible value of a PharmD degree from the University of Utah.”


For more information about First Year Free, please click here.