The University of Utah Vasculitis Clinic was established in 2007. The clinic serves as a tertiary referral clinic for patients afflicted with different forms of vasculitis. We believe most patients with vasculitis benefit from a team approach to their care. University of Utah Health has a wide array of specialists dedicated to treating the different manifestations of these diseases. We can provide expert care in rheumatology, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), vascular medicine, cardiology, pulmonary medicine, and nephrology. We also provide the latest in diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing.


We treat the following conditions, along with others:

Our goals are to provide expert, comprehensive care to patients with vasculitis, make available experimental therapies for patients who have failed more conventional treatments, conduct high-quality basic science and clinical research in vasculitis and train new physicians with expertise in diagnosing and treating systemic clinical inflammatory disorders.

New Patient Appointments

New patient appointments require a referral from a patient’s primary doctor. You physician can refer you via this online form.

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